PD won't load Boot Camp Partition? -- help!

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by j45, Aug 7, 2007.

  1. j45

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    Hi Everyone,


    I have a brand new macbook pro 2.4 ghz.

    Clean OS 10.4.10, Clean Boot Camp 1.3, Installed XP, And then boot camp utils cd.
    Then I installed Parallels and set it up to run off Boot Camp partition.

    It gives me an error of:

    "Parallel Desktop cannot find necessary drivers to configure your
    Bootcamp partition. Please refer to Parallels Desktop Help>Using
    Boot Camp Windows XP Installation for troubleshooting."

    The help file was not able to help me out. Googling my error was of
    no help, and I was not able to find any help using the search feature
    in the Parallels desktop forum. Maybe I didn't look somewhere else?

    I have installed Parallel Desktop 2.5 build 3214.

    It was running great on my previous Macbook Pro 2.33 ghz.

    I am a former windows user who uses parallels to access client
    sites + applications (SAP, etc) and am dead in the water without
    this working. Has anyone seen anything like this?

    I don't have the first idea on what else to do.

    Attached is a screenshot for your reference.

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  2. tjls

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  3. j45

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    Yeah? If I'm not entitled to support, maybe I'm still entitled to a refund. I bought this for Boot Camp
  4. j45

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    While waiting to hear back I thought I'd share some progress I had made on my issue:

    I downloaded vmware fusion and the demo worked. There was a bit of a hiccup in needing to install the vmware tools. Both Parallels and VMware seem to co exist okay?

    VMware's Unity feature doesn't seem as nice as the Coherence with built in Windows start bar. I hope I can get back to using Parallels soon.

    I guess this will give me a temporary fix although there isn't a smooth way to launch my apps in Unity mode
  5. j45

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    I don't know where else to write since I haven't heard back by email.

    I have purchased several parallels licenses and I cannot wait any longer. I would like to be refunded my money as I paid for a year's worth of upgrades, for something that doesn't work, or any indication that my problem is of any concern, relevance, or priority to the Parallels team.

    The product is not working, or performing as described or advertised. I don't believe it is intentionally misleading, however, we have a problem and there is no offical word as far as I can find.

    I would like someone to return my email to discuss the details of my refund privately. I have no ill will for anyone, we all work and do our best. If the Parallels team is going through some expected growing pains of having a ground breaking product, it's great. I wish you guys all the best, I just can't be a part of that. I switched to a mac entirely because of this app and am too far gone to go back to windows with the money invested because of this $80 program. I will keep an eye on this but no longer reccomend this program to the 2-3 mac switches I help with per week.

    I have to use my machine for work, I can't confuse activity on this matter with lasting, measurable results.

    It is a shame when people pony up for software to support what most people easily pirate and still things like this are passed around like hot potato.

  6. tjls

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    Did you ever get any response even to your efforts to get a refund?

    There have been three more reports here of BootCamp problems -- one including log files -- in the past couple of days, with, as usual, no response from Parallels.

    I earn my living as a Unix kernel programmer; have done for about a decade now. I have good friends at Apple and could probably get any relevant information on the disk partitioning framework needed. I am not an idiot, and I would gladly cooperate with Parallels to give them any information they need to diagnose the BootCamp problem I reported weeks ago. But they're in such total head-in-sand mode they won't respond to *any* report of *any* problem if it has BootCamp in the subject here, and I understand they're no better by (paid) phone call.

    Nice, huh? I predict this company's lunch will be eaten by Vmware in about six months if they don't shape up.

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