PD4 optimal configuration?

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by proforged, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. chicago63



    When I click on the Configure button on Parallels 4 and I go to the Memory or Video Memory options, I am UNABLE to change the settings. I cannot move the slider nor type in the numbers or click on the arrows to increase or decrease the amounts.

    Any idea why?

  2. Flagg



    You cannot change these settings while having your virtual machine running. Please shut it down and then, while having it in a stopped state, go to the configuration editor and alter the settings.
  3. chicago63


    Thank you! I'll try that.
  4. tedevlin


    Dear proforged,
    Thank you for your vigilance in this matter. I will try your settings.
    I have the same computer configuration as you, and I'm trying to run Solidworks.
    I paid for support, and got no satisfaction. They did seem to make the same recommendations for configuration as you, (except for memory size.)
    I noticed that you should also not let Time Machine back up the VM. This is a checkbox option in the General Config tab.
    The technician claims that there is no difference in running a Boot Camp VM, or one made from scratch. I made both and tend to agree - they are both slow.
    His final recommendation was to uninstall everything and go back to PD 3.0. John, do you agree with this?
  5. proforged


    disabling 3D did not have any affect.
  6. John@Parallels


    If you see slowness with Solid Works please follow recommendations bellow:

    1. At lease 1,5- 2 gb for VM + 2 GB for Leopard - eg Machine with at least 4 gb
    2. Video memory 256
    3. Shared folders - check for files c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
    There should be 2 entries, each on separate line: localhost .psf

    4. Antivirus - uninstall, use antivirus with no real scan engine - free Clamwin for example
    5. And use common Microsoft recommendations to speed up PC
  7. theobold


    I have:
    Macbook Pro 2.4Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo
    4 GB RAM
    256 MB VRAM

    I have just upgrade from Parallels 3 to Parallels 4.0.3810

    My current Parallels 4 settings:
    do not back up with Time Machine - checked
    Startup - open as window
    turn on automatically - when Parallels Desktop starts
    on window close - ask me what to do
    Adaptive Hypervisor - not checked
    Optimize performance for: virtual machine
    Optimize power: better performance
    Security: medium
    Services: none checked
    Shared Folders: Share MacOSX folders with Windows 'All Disks' checked
    User-defined MacOS X folders: checked
    Share all windows disks and Map folders: not checked
    Shared Profile: not enabled
    Shared Applications: not enabled
    SmartMount: enabled
    SmartGuard: not enabled
    Internet Applications: default
    Coherence: nothing checked
    Modality: all checked
    CPU: 1
    Memory: 1744MB
    Video: 256MB nothing else checked
    Floppy disk: n/a
    CD/DVD: enabled and connected
    Hard Disk: Image File expanding disk 19.5GB
    Network Adapter1: Connected - Bridged ethernet; airport
    Sound: connected
    USB controller: enabled.

    Following installation of P4, I started working in AutoCAD2007 which was painfully slow to the point of being unusable in coherence.

    I have done the following:
    My 'hosts' file read- localhost localhost .psf

    I amended this in notepad and saved.
    I defragmented the hard disk.
    I used a cleanup program to clean the registry.
    I deleted my Virgin Media PC Guard and installed Clamwin antivirus
    I restarted both the VM and the mac (several times during the course of doing this)
    I uninstalled several unused windows programmes.
    I uninstalled Parallels Tools from the VM, restarted in reinstalled the tools
    I also deleted the Processor Controllers in Device Manager>System Devices

    I have noticed an improved performance in XP, however AutoCAD is still unusable in coherence. It is a lot better in single window.

    The reason I use Parallels IS for coherence as I also use Vectorworks in OSX. This all worked fine in P3. I honestly thought PS4 would enable me not only to work in coherence but also utilise my 23" cinema display along with the 15" macbookpro display.

    Any help much appreciated!

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