PD4: unwanted network drive letters for external disk partitions

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by jtkohl, Nov 30, 2008.

  1. jtkohl


    I have a FireWire disk with 3 partitions on it mounted in Mac OS.
    I can't find a way to have those partitions ignored by Parallels Tools/Shared Folders.
    They always show up with drive letters even when I disable "Share Mac OS X folders with Windows" and "Map folders to drive letters" in the Shared Folders configuration panel.
    I have some previous (PD3) user-defined shared folders that I *do* want to be enabled.
    And of course the drive letters I'd set up for those (net use <letter>: \\.psf\<share-name> /persist:y) are the same letters squatted on by the external drive partitions.

    Anybody have hints on how to prevent the external partitions from showing up as drive letters?
    Or at least controlling what letters are used for them so they don't interfere with my own mapping?

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  2. estrelnikov

    estrelnikov Parallels Support

    Disable Smartmount from virtual machine configuration menu
  3. jtkohl


    Thanks, that does it. Now why is that option not on the same page as the other shared folder options?
  4. Anna Pichueva

    Anna Pichueva Parallels Team

    SmartMount feature enables the automatic detection and
    mounting of removable devices in your virtual machines. So it is not the same as shared folders, that is why our developers preferred such a design.

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