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    I am evaluating Parallels Desktop 7 and I have a strange issue with Win 7 virtual machine. In full screen mode the virtual machine doesn't respond to mouse events nor keyboard events however if I switch to coherence mode everything works okay. Is this normal? Shouldn't full screen mode work?

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    Additional information

    I am using a Macbook Pro i7 2.8 Ghz with Lion installed.

    At this moment I have turned off the option SmartMouse in the virtual machine, and in fullscreen (or window mode - not coherence) mouse and keyboard are not captured, i move the mouse across the VM window and in the VM the mouse cursor appears but won't move at all....
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    There is little or no reason to disable SmartMouse, if it's disabled you have to click inside the Virtual Machine (VM) area for the cursor in the VM to respond, with smartmouse enabled whenever you hover your cursor over the vm area it becomes the vm cursor.

    SmartMouse only works if Parallels Tools are installed on the VM.

    And yes, the mouse cursor in full screen mode should work.
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    I have the same problem, clicking the mouse and pressing keys on the keyboard don't work in full screen mode.
    When I press a key that makes Mac OS X active or move the mouse to activate the Mac OS X menubar, all the actions I tried to perform in Windows 7 before are all of a sudden performed in Windows 7.
    Also the screen in Windows 7 is corrupted in full screen mode (see attachment ParallelsFullScreen.png).
    When I switch to window mode, all is well (see attachment ParallelsWindowmode.png).
    I've increased the video memory (512 MB), but that has no effect.

    I'm working with Mac OS X Lion 10.7.3 and Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac Build 7.0.15094.

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    Mouse not working in full screen mode

    I recently upgraded to parallels 7.0.15094 using MS XP Professional on iMac v 10.6.8. When I try to use full screen mode, the mouse and keyboard don't function. When I go back to other non-full-screen-modes, they work properly. Please advise.

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