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Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by imacken, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. imacken

    imacken Kilo Poster

    I have updated to the last 4 versions of PD, and this time, I really can't see why I paid £35.
    I've read blurb about improvements, but I can't really see any. 30% improvement in 3D games? Not here there isn't.
    Please bombard me with all the good things about PD8 update from PD7, because I am struggling to see anything other than the 'Open in IE' button- and even then, I had to install that manually!
  2. JasonJFMX

    JasonJFMX Bit Poster

    Yup, I'm kinda in the same boat. I'm assuming it's a bit better if you're in retina and/or Win8, but for us normal users I'm seeing very little value in the update to P8.

    Parallels overall is a great product, but this one does feel a bit like an 8 was slapped on the box and it was put up for full price.
  3. imacken

    imacken Kilo Poster

    Hmmm. I really thought there would have been loads of people posting to this thread telling me all about the enhancements in PD8.
    Oh well, perhaps others feel the same. It's almost like we are paying an annual £35 maintenance fee now. (Yes, yes, I know I don't HAVE to pay it!)
  4. lnemo


    Well, it maybe too early to confirm all announcements being true or not. As for my personal experience I can confirm at least better VM startup and shutdown times than with PD7, ranging from 'feeling a little bit faster' with a Win 7 VM to 'yes, that's really significant' with a XP VM.

    And yes, VM standby and wakeup times are considerably shorter than with PD7 on the same physical machine.

    Many other advertised features I'm not using. Coherence I gave a short try and felt performance was ugly, and there are some (in my opinion) major glitches like the inability to move a window between two displays (with the 'use all displays in fullscreen mode' enabled) - when the mouse cursor crosses the border between the two displays, the window you're trying to move is simply snapping back to the display where it came from.

    So maybe we early adopters should (as always) have waited for the third or fourth public build:)

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