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    I submitted an email request for support on this but thought I'd check here as well to see if anyone could point me in the right direction on this. I just picked up a Huion Inspiroy H950P Pen Tablet (the less expensive version of a Wacom type tablet for photo editing and graphic design). I got it to use with CorelDraw X8 that I have running on a Win 10 virtual machine in Parallels 14 here (latest update and all that good stuff).
    I downloaded the latest Windows driver for this drawing tablet from the manufacturer's website and installed on to the VM I want to use it on. After installation, I plugged in the tablet and it seemed to work as far as moving the cursor and clicking across both the Mac and the VM within Parallels. The problem is that as soon as I plugged it in, I got the "do you want to connect this to Mac or Win10?" pop up, and before I could touch it, I could tell it automatically selected the Mac side and closed. So it looks to be connect to the Mac side using a default mouse driver of some sort.

    The problem is this. This drawing tablet has an app which was installed on to the VM when I installed the driver for it. This app gives you the ability to adjust the specifics on the device such as pressure sensitivity and a few other cool features. But since it appears to be connected through the Mac side, the app doesn't recognize that it's connected so it won't let me access any of the settings in that app. In fact the bottom left corner of the app says "Device Disconnected".

    To troubleshoot it, I tried to click on the USB icon at the top of the VM window. The drawing tablet comes up in that list with my other printers but it's called "Vendor 256C - Composite". So, I clicked on it and I get a pop up that says "Do you want to connect the USB device to the Virtual Machine?" and explains that it won't work on the Mac if you do. So, I click YES and get the little Parallels notification on my Mac that says "Vendor 256C - Composite" is now connected to Windows 10.

    So now with the tablet connected to the VM I close the settings app for the tablet, reopen it, and it sees the tablet as connected where I can work with the parameters. Note, I'm doing this NOT in coherence mode. As soon as I switch to coherence mode on that VM, I can click in the CorelDraw window or on the Huion Settings app and it works, but the cursor doesn't track, meaning you can't tell where the cursor is on the screen until you press down and start dragging it. So when you go to draw, you can't tell where you are on the screen until you press down and start drawing.

    That said, it's SORT OF working. but without seeing where the cursor is, it's pretty useless. My thought is that I could download the Mac driver for it and connect it to the Mac, but then I'm guessing I'd lose the extra functionality within the windows virtual machine, and it would basically just be like using a mouse.

    I just wanted to touch base here before downloading extra or redundant drivers on the Mac side and messing something up here. Thanks in advance for your help!

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