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    aloha all . . . global parallels people : : watching global citizens festival trying to add a font in windows but i get a message saying i don't have permissions . . . i bloody well hate this permissions police action so how do i fix the permissions so i can add a font?
  2. RolandH1

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    right clicking on the mac font gives the option to "open in windows" then there is an install button. . . but dragging into doesn't work.
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    Aloha buddy,
    you can test these steps:

    1. Download RegisterFonts utility from
    2. Unzip it to a suitable location. Say, D:\myutils.
    3. Download all the fonts (the .ttf files) that you want to install into this location.
    4. Right click on RegisterFont.exe and select Create Shortcut.
    5. Right click on this shortcut and select Properties. Append the string add font1.ttf font2.ttf to the Target field. Remember to replace font1, font2 etc with the name of the fonts that you have downloaded to this folder. In my case I have added two fonts Blazed.ttf and sketchy.ttf.

    Drag this newly created (and edited) shortcut to Start Menu -> All Programs -> Startup folder, so that this gets executed each time the system is rebooted.

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