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    I started with a 2.7 Gb XP file/folder. Great. Too big, but who cares. I only want to run one fugly windows program... But whats this, amazing! Each time I back up the folder it is larger and larger - now it's up to 14 Gigs with no signs of slowing! Everytime I want to back up it takes longer and longer. [edit: to be clear, I'm backing up from the parallels folder the folder that is called "windows xp" - just in case anyone things I'm backing up the backups - I'm not - it is the actual xp folder/drive that is larger and larger].

    I run only ONE app in XP, and it's entire database is only 10mb, and has grown to 14mb.....

    So what's going on - how can I stop windows from growing like a great big demented Pee niss? I just want it to remain the small weaner that it always was... :cool: :p

    Any help?


    don't you just wish windows would die? :D :p
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    Run Defrag and then start Paralllels Compressor.

    Alternately, set up a new VM with FIXED virtual HDD of about 4GB in size instead of the default 'growing' one with 30GB of space.
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    I had this problem early on. I was using mapped drives to the Host shares, and I forgot to turn off folder syncing. It will slowly copy data from the Host, (Mac OS X), to your XP guest. Goto control panel, folder options, click the tab that says Offline Files, and uncheck everything. Of course this will not automatticly regain your used space. You would have to delete the "cached" files from XP, but I can't remember what folder they are in.

    The last time I ran across this problem, I ended up doing a re-install on windows anyway, so that may be your best option. Just remember to turn off folder syncing after the install, if you map drives.

    If you do not have mapped drives, then this may not be your problem at all.

    Good luck.
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    If you're seeing red, then it's red. If you're not seeing red, then it's some other colour. :D ;)

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