Plantronics USB headphones don´t work!

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by barnys, Feb 18, 2007.

  1. barnys


    I am trying two different plantronics headseats:
    - Voyager USB-bluetooth 510S (

    - CS50-USB (

    Unfortunately I would rate Parallels at 10+ if this worked correctly, but all I get is an aweful sound quality. There was some improvement from the previous versions that would crash my VM. Now everything gets detected perfectly but the sound quality is worse than terrible, and you could not understand a thing I said if I called you through my voip application.

    I know is something in Parallels because the same two headsets work PERFECT in Vmware's Fusion, but I am really looking forward to get my usb headseats working correctly in Parallels. :confused:

    Any ideas? any tricks I could use?

  2. TheAngryPenguin

    TheAngryPenguin Bit Poster

    I too am trying to get my USB headset, a C-Media in my case, to interoperate with Parallels. I can't even get the damn thing to activate, probably because it has volume and mute buttons that are enabled even if I don't have the headset enabled in OS X. As a workaround, I have been able to define the headset as an input and output device in OS X and my XP VM will hook into it. However, it seems that the output in my XP VM will drop out sporadically, presumably because of simultaneous sound events in both host and guest environments. The exact same thing happens with wired earbuds and a bluetooth headset. It is indeed very frustrating that my USB headset won't work directly in my guest environment.
  3. jeffmurphy

    jeffmurphy Bit Poster

    I have a plantronics DA60 USB. I want to use cisco's ip communicator in parallels along with the head set. As another poster noted, the audio quality is quite bad - unusable really. I'd like to stick with parallels, is there any chance of getting this addressed?
  4. mikechadwick


    Plantronics USB headset works BUT......

    ok, so's here a way to get those headsets working:-
    1) Connect Mic to Mac before starting Parallels
    2) Goto Mac Prefrences->Sound->Input
    3) Select your mic
    do *not* unplug your mic while the VM is running!
    4) Start Parallels (resuming your VM from standby is OK)
    5) start your program and choose the internal device option
    6) headset should now work normally
    Do Not choose USB audio device if that shows (set parallels to manual usb connect)

    yes this does work and is a solution for using headsets with Parallels but by making the headset your primary sound input/ output device you end up with all sound coming through the headset instead of being able to output music through external speakers. if you try and switch back to external speaker you get the distorted voice back again!
    that's really missing the point .....isn't it?

    so come on Parallels give us a real solution! why should I have to choose between headset or external speakers to play music?

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