Please enhance Parallels Desktop to not display ads/offers

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac Feature Suggestions' started by SPX, Aug 22, 2017.

  1. SPX

    SPX Bit Poster

    Please remove commercial junk like Acornis true image, Install Antivirus....
    Buying software for 79,99 and still get questions about other software i DO NOT want to purchase, put in in the trail version but not for people who has bought a license.
  2. TomC4

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    I agree with you. I also found the pop-ups prompting me to install the Parallels Toolkit to be very annoying. I simply didn't want that junk. I would much rather have a rock-solid core product than a bunch of unneeded and unwanted embellishments. Unfortunately, Parallels is no longer a rock-solid product. Combining buggy software, hardware resource restrictions, and bloatware doesn't seem to be a winning strategy to me.
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  3. CamilleD

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    I'm upset because : each new version is more intrusive regarding advertising.
    Since I have upgrade for the version 12.2.1 I can't use more than 8Go of memory as before and I have a message that say that I have to upgrade to the pro version if I want to use more than 8go of memory.
    In fact this software is a trap : every year you have to pay and soon the normal version will have less and less capacity in favor of a pro version....
  4. VarunS

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    Here is a crazy idea. What if you stopped displaying advertisements to customers who have paid good money for your product? Might make you look respectable!

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  5. Ronald Bokleman

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    TOTALLY agree! I was about to make a post and include this ridiculous screen shot, but I'm glad someone already did. STOP this nonsense!!
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  6. OldNerdGuy

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    I did not buy your product for you to force Ads onto my desktop. GET RID OF THEM. Just because you are advertising your own products does not make it proper, it is just RUDE in the worst degree.

    If you treat your customers like dirt, they will return the favor.

  7. VarunS

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  8. PhilipT3

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    Okay Moderator, you win. I withdraw the quip that this feature is on a par with 1990's shareware. I still stand by my comment that this is both a product and marketing mis-fire.
  9. Bravo !!! Another thing VMWare does not subject us to...
  10. jhochwald

    jhochwald Bit Poster

    How about an opt out/opt in (permanent)?
    That could be a solution for all, those who want the offers (safe on bundle stuff) and the others (like me) who doesn't like the advertising at all.
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  11. med220m


    those who want the offers (safe on bundle stuff) and the others (like me) who doesn't like the advertising at all.
  12. ColinL3

    ColinL3 Bit Poster

    It just got worse - they are trying to get Internet Explorer resurrected by sticking it in safari extensions to direct all webpages viewed to IE.
    This un- installable Screen Shot 2018-12-29 at 6.02.59 PM.jpg Screen Shot 2018-12-29 at 6.06.06 PM.jpg
  13. ChrisH18

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    I was shocked and offended to suddenly get a popup ad in a Parallels wrapper today. Considering I just bought Parallels a few weeks ago, and then spent more money on Windows 10 for it to get rid of the customization restriction, I was very unhappy to suddenly get a popup ad!

    I have read from other threads this has gone on a long time and has caused people to use other VMs. Had I known about this I would have gone with something else also. This MUST STOP. Parallels, you must NOT advertise crap on a PAID product, it is very unethical and is costing you business. I will recommend to people not to buy this until I hear official word that this feature has been wiped clean of your paid product.
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  14. JoseJ4

    JoseJ4 Bit Poster

    Same here, I'm sick of seeing these adds trying to sell more software.
    I've paid for my subscription, I'm not using a free edition or anything like that.
    Please STOP!
    Thank you.
  15. JoseJ4

    JoseJ4 Bit Poster

    I've contacted Parallels support. This is their answer about the adds that appear when you start Parallels:

    "We occasionally share special offers from Parallels or other third party companies who provide special deals for our customers. Many of our customers rely on the information about product updates and appreciate the special deals for products that are of interest to them.
    Individual notifications can be turned off by clicking the "don't show this again" button. However, because customers need to receive important product information, there is not a mechanism for customers to completely disable notifications. Thanks."
  16. JoseJ4

    JoseJ4 Bit Poster

    And this was my final answer after they insisted on the same:
    "Please take in consideration your customers' suggestions. It's great to sell more, but not by upsetting your own clients with adds. Please, enable an option in your software where paid users can choose to avoid advertising. Thank you."
  17. JasonR11


    Thanks for your Solid Answer. I would much rather have a rock-solid core product than a bunch of unneeded and unwanted embellishments.
  18. MatthewT5

    MatthewT5 Bit Poster

    This issue is preventing me from purchasing Parallels Desktop. I simply cannot justify purchasing adware. Parallels, you cannot have your cake and eat it. Either make your software paid, or make it ad-supported freeware - not both. The adverts are simply in an awkward marriage with a paid product.
    Litmus test: What is your competition doing? VMware Fusion does not include adverts. Virtualbox does not include adverts.

    Parallels Desktop lacks the professionalism warranting a 'Pro' edition. It is highly unprofessional to display adverts in your product. It's like a relic of the early 2000s. Picture this: You're demonstrating something to your clients, and all of a sudden a special offer pops up. You look like a fool.

    Now, let's carefully scrutinise the response from Parallels staff:
    The first justification is that the adverts can be turned off. Expressed at this level of generality, the assertion is false. The ads cannot be turned off. They can individually be turned off, but that does not prevent future adverts from displaying. This justification does not address the root criticism: the software should not have ads at all, in the first place.
    The second justification is that the adverts are somehow helpful to users. This is a highly contestable statement. The software being offered has very little relevance to Parallels, and a lot of it is crapware. You know where you could put these offers? In an email sent out to subscribers, to which they can opt-out of, or filter, such emails.

    Let's look at the real justification for this: you're getting paid for those ads, aren't you? Just be candid about it. You're double dipping. You're charging for the product while you're also selling your user's eyes to advertisers.

    Remove this pathetic bug and fire the person responsible for it.
  19. Larbac

    Larbac Bit Poster

    Please don't display ads/offers.
    I have not given Parallels permission to use CPU/memory to display ads on my computer.

    Screen Shot 2020-02-22 at 9.49.19 PM.png
  20. AkosB

    AkosB Bit Poster

    Again and again: "Premium Mac App Bundle", you save €945 buy bundle now €39.99. This ad is disgusting and tele-shop quality.
    All of this while working in a vm. Not when starting parallel!

    Imagine when you make a presentation and parallels pops up and ad for your audience... :eek:

    And all of this from a "professional" subscription.

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