Please Make Cmd-Key Remapping Optional

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by KBrack, Dec 11, 2006.

  1. KBrack

    KBrack Bit Poster

    Please make the new Cmd-Key Remapping optional.

    I would really rather use a utility to be able to swap the Cmd and Control keys across the board. I find the current options are way too limited, I've typed an "s" hundreds of times since the 3036 has been out, rather than being able to type Cmd-S to save. I have been using a utiltiy (Trade-Keys) to swap these keys for years and that's worked great up through this beta.

    Now, I'm finding that the key mapping is causing other problems. I use Parallels for Lotus Notes development and need to lauch a database while holding down certain key combinations (Control - Shift.) With the new beta, ths no longer possible.

    While this feature looks great for the casual user, please let us turn it off.
  2. karfel


    Agreed. A complete solution (if you can avoid the individual pitfalls such as the Lotus one mentioned here, and others elsewhere) is a great thing -- things were sooooo much more natural when I swapped control and command (using keytweak) in version 1970.

    But this new half-arsed effort is worse than nothing at all, because now you need to consciously think of which key to use when you save or copy or open or undo or bold -- *and* it breaks the complete solutions others were already happily using.
  3. Hugh Watkins

    Hugh Watkins

    with a four button mouse

    the right click copy paste is the same
    my "no brainer"

    i am a 2 finger typist
    but a ten finger musician
    so use litle finger on control key in windows
    and first finger on apple key in Mac OS

    so the V C X Z functions are ok

    Hugh W
  4. deepermotive


    Just wanted to add another vote for making this optional. I had my own remappings that now only "kinda-sorta" work.


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