Pre-ordered 3.0 and yet no key!!!

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by jpons, Jun 10, 2007.

  1. jpons


    What is going on with the folks at Parallels. I pre-ordered the upgrade to 3.0 and was told:

    "You will be among the first to receive Parallels 3.0 after its release in mid-June."

    Yet, I see 3.0 was released late last week and I have yet to receive ANYTHING from these folks.....

    I sent in an email to customer service... but this issue compounded by all the problems being reported here has me a little worried.

    I bet anything that they charged my credit card!

  2. wonder_mice


    Sorry for inconvenience, you (and anyone else who paid for it) will get Parallels 3.0 key without fail. Please, write an e-mail to our support team and explain your situation. Sorry once again.
  3. jpons


    I just don't understand how the Parallels team allows this to happen. Your pre-order customers are presumably your most loyal customers.... a reasonable expectation would be to service these customers first and foremost since they commited to purchasing the upgrade without even testing it.....

    This is a serious problem with your customer service.
  4. krayola


    I pre-ordered before the 6th and got my key immediately, even before the download went up. Did you pre-order via element5 (the online store)? If so, I'm guessing you should have received two emails like I did. The 2nd has your key in it if your emails are like mine.
  5. kosh


    (Edited after posting: this is basically the same thing krayola says above -- kosh)

    My experience with the preorder process was that I received two emails in rapid succession from Element5 (the company handling the purchase transactions for Parallels). The first was my payment information, and the second just a few seconds later was an e-mail that actually had the license key in it, along with a message that Parallels will contact you with information on how to download the new product.

    I never did receive any contact from Parallels that 3.0 was available for download, however I wasn't too concerned about that b/c I could d/l the disk image from the website here. The license key provided in that second e-mail from Element 5 activated the copy I downloaded.

    Are you saying that you did not receive that second e-mail with a license key, or that you just didn't get notified by Parallels that 3.0 was available for download?
  6. loveparallels



    I posted this before but spoke to someone in customer service yesterday at Nova yesterday and they told me that anyoen who preorderde from them would get their upgrdae keys Monday and that it would be a newer version than what everyone is talking about in the forums. Hope this helps!
  7. PeterCarruthers


    I am a little embarrassed! I muttered elsewhere on this forum about not getting my Upgrade Key - and based on kosh's post I quickly checked - only to find the blessed thing did arrive!

    It's tempting to think that the individual problem's we each have are part of a greater conspiracy - but usually they're just happenstance.

    I've had so much value out of Parallels that it wasn't much of hardship to invest in a new key anyway, and I will use the upgrade key on my second machine.
  8. kosh


    Even though the subject of the e-mail I received from element 5 was "license key" it was easy to lose sight of that, since it's buried down midway through a not-so-optimally formatted e-mail. But that's really more of an element 5 issue (or my ordering late at night!) than anything else.
  9. thoughton


    What I found annoying is that I pre-ordered 3.0, got my activation key, but then never received notification that 3.0 had been released. I had to find out from another forum. :mad: Pretty slack.
  10. Tom Ironcast

    Tom Ironcast Guest

    We apologize for the inconvenience caused, due to the great interest of our customers in the new release there were some technical trouble with the servers. We are doing our best to solve this situation as soon as possible and you should receive the email shortly. Please contact us again by email if you won't receive key or/and download link in a few days. Also please make sure that the purchase email hasn't been stopped by your email spam filter.

    If you purchased Parallels Desktop for Mac online or as a boxed copy starting from May 1, 2007, you will automatically get a free upgrade to 3.0.
    If you bought Maintenance or purchased Parallels Desktop during the Christmas Holidays special offer (Upgrade Protection) you will also receive a free 3.0 upgrade key.

    Feel free to contact our sales department or support team, if you don't receive the upgrade key automatically in a few days after the release.
    If you purchased a US retail box from Nova Development please visit this page to get your free upgrade:
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  11. kosh


    Tom (or any of the others on the Parallels Team) -

    Just out of curiosity more than anything else, was there any pattern to who had their preorder serviced through nova and who via element 5 (mine was through element 5 / Digital River)? It seems that the element 5 early purchasers received their license keys right away, from what I can tell from perusing the board.
  12. xaoslaad


    OK, I preordered and did not get a key. Here is my correspondence with support:

    I ordered version 3.0 on June 1st after receiving the message about getting version 3.0 for $39.99. When I ordered I received a reference number: <deleted>, however I have not received an email or anything else providing me with a serial number. Can you please send me my key?

    I also cannot log into the Parallels site using the email address and password I used to purchase both 2.5 and 3.0 licenses, though you may feel free to respond to either email address (<deleted> is the one I used for the purchase and <deleted> is the one I logged in with to send this message)


    Parallels Desktop 3.0 is a major upgrade for Parallels Desktop and it
    will work with the new 3.0 activation key that comes as separate
    purchase, either full version or upgrade version that is available for
    the owners of the previous Parallels Desktop versions. You can order
    Parallels Desktop 3.0 US version online on our website or purchase at the nearest retail store when as
    soon as it is shipped.
    If you have ordered Parallels Desktop 3.0 key already and you are
    experiencing problems with activating the product, please send us your
    key for verification.

    That is what I am trying to tell you. I received a reference number for my purchase of a 3.0 key at the limited time price of $39.99 (that purchase reference number is: <deleted>), however at no time after the purchase was I emailed a key for version 3.0.

    Therefore I have no key, just a purchase reference number to give you.


    Never responded again.

    Being as that it looks like my account was never charged, I gave up with the stunning and mind numbing support and bought it at the regular upgrade price. Ya, not cool...
  13. thoughton


    Maybe we should just say Lord Voldemort :D

    Yeah sounds possible. I received my key from Element5 in the 2nd of 2 emails just a few minutes after completing the pre-order form.

    Despite my grumbling earlier about not getting a download link, and even though I've decided not to upgrade from 2.5 until 3.0.1 is available, I'm still pleased that I got the $40 discount. Bring on the next version! :)
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  14. Tom Ironcast

    Tom Ironcast Guest

    Mr Kosh,

    Cannot really comment on your question, as I work for Support team, and your question regards marketing&sales teams. Still, I think,that nobody Element 5 or Nova really had any advantages over each other. The delays are only a technical issue, mostly caused by huge amount of requests for Full or Upgrade keys/links .


    Could you please provide me with your Support ticket ID?
    Send me a private message with number. I will see, what I can do.

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