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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Howard Brazee, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. Howard Brazee

    Howard Brazee

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    Stacey M

    I wanted to print a window, so I hit Shift-Apple-4. The cursor markers came up as expected, but the Windows Start menu also came up, covering part of the window I wanted to capture and print.

    How can I avoid this?
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  2. Intersecting

    Intersecting Parallels Team

    As I know to print screen in Mac OS X you should use "Apple"+Shift+3. Don't release anything before you pressed all of them at the very same moment.
  3. Howard Brazee

    Howard Brazee

    I didn't want to print the whole screen, I wanted to Apple+Shift+4 (Although the apple symbol isn't on the new iMacs). This works similarly to Apple+Shift+3, but puts some cursors on the desktop which I can use to select a portion of the desktop to save.

    Either way, is a big pain since I have to then open the saved file, print it, then delete it.

    I haven't tried Apple+Shift+3 from within Parallels though - it wasn't what I wanted to do.
  4. biglar

    biglar Kilo Poster

    Mine works properly in version 5158. I get no Windows start menu and you can select the part of the screen you want.

    IMAC 2gb memory with Windows XP Professional.

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