Print to PDF (Acrobat 8/CS3 Pro for Windows)

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by Michael Mistak, May 10, 2010.

  1. Michael Mistak

    Michael Mistak

    I am running Acrobat 8 Pro on my Win7Pro guest OS and attempting to use the Print-to-PDF capability that is added as a printer under windows when CS3 (including Acrobat 8 Pro) is installed. Every time I attempt to print to the "Adobe PDF" printer the print job is routed to my host machine's default printer.

    I attempted using the Devices > Printer Port 1 > Disconnect option, but the print jobs keep getting rerouted to the host default printer. Any advice?
  2. Shepherd


    Try this: go to Start menu -> Devices and printers. Right click on PDF Printer and select Printer properties (on 4th line not Properties on last line). Within Ports tab, ckeck in the available ports list that your default printer is not selected (could be on LPT1) instead of Documents\*.PDF or Desktop\*.PDF.


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