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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by sailguy, Aug 9, 2006.

  1. sailguy


    Just installed the new update and now my printer works.
    It has not worked with any of the preveious versions.

    I have Parallels installed on a 20" intel iMac, with Windows XP Professional.
    I bought Parallels when they first start and I have installed all updates as they where released.
    I was begining to think the printer would never work, but with this last update it now works find.
    I did nothing different, from the very begining windows had installed a driver for the printer and nothing I did could make it work.
    I read all the post for printer problem and it seemed that most people had to install additional software to get there printer to work. This was starting to look like the only solution.
    Printer is an HP DeskJet 952C, selected it from the USB menu and turned it on.

    I wanted to make this post because, we need to let Parallels know when progress is being made.
    Oh, One More Thing, right click on my mac mouse works also.

    Keep up the good work Parallels, I look forward to the next update, thanks.

    That was all there was to it, Thank You Parallels !!

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