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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by mumbo, Jun 1, 2007.

  1. mumbo

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    Just wondering if anyone else had the same problem as I had when ordering the 3.0 Upgrade key.

    I placed the order by clicking on "order", and the next page showed absolutely no confirmation. I looked at my account to see if any orders were shown - nothing. No confirmation email, no registration key, etc, basically it looked like something went wrong with the purchase. (I use Firefox ...???? I'm also in Europe and it looks like they use a european site for the purchase so maybe it is different from in USA, etc)

    In any case, like a stupid fool I went and placed a second order since it looked like the first didn't work ....

    Same thing happened again :eek:

    So now, I might be debited two times at some future date, or I might not be debited at all. I have no key and no trace anywhere of the purchase :(

    Anyone else have similar problems?
  2. Utumno

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    I ordered 2x 3.0 upgrades a moment ago, no problems at all. Both order confirmations came through with license keys, no problems.

  3. mumbo

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    And I got nothing :(
    Here's hoping I haven't been billed
    I'll contact sales, but I imagine that they'll be swamped by sales questions for v3.0 and not have time ... oh well, we'll see.

    Thanks for your help
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