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Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by pilif, Aug 27, 2007.

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    today I've updated my parallels installation to the latest beta-build.

    When I started the application, it asked me whether to enable the new profile sharing feature. Knowing that I have a lot of data with absolute paths in it in my original documents folder and a lot of important data on my desktop, I decided to turn the feature off and manually move stuff around before turning it on.

    So I've unchecked all three checkboxes.

    Then I booted Windows (as always parallels bailed out with the error of not being able to allocate virtual memory - this is fixed by uninstalling and then reinstalling parallels). Vista's nice AutoRun dialog popped up and asked me if I wanted to run pstart.exe. So parallels automatically detected that the tools were out of date. nice.

    After the installation completed and the VM rebooted and I looged in, a message popped up notifying me that the shared profile feature made changes to my system and that I had to relog.

    Done that.

    The feature was obviously enabled now. My desktop and documents folders both were missing files.

    So after paniking for a short while, I've stopped the VM, entered the configuration screen and found all options for shared profile enabled (*sigh*).

    Thankfully, turning that off and restarting did help, but it was scary.

    Please... if you show us a dialog after installation (good), please do actually honor the decision we users make there :)

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    I agree. The profile sharing doesn't work. If it is enabled at all, everything is checked regardless if you uncheck it. If you doubt me, open Parallels with the VM stopped. Edit the VM. Go in and uncheck all the items in share profile. Hit OK. Quit Parallels. Start Parallels up again. Go back and edit the VM and look at shared profile. Everything will be checked. The only way to avoid this is by disabling it.

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