Proper classification of mounted hard disks

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    I'm on build 5540 and Leopard. When my VM disks are mounted in the finder, it seems that they are not classified as disks, even though the icons are correct.

    In my Finder Preferences, under General / Show these items on the Desktop, I have "Hard disks" unchecked, but my VM hard disks still show up on the desktop.

    I have to uncheck "CDs, DVDs, and iPods" in order for them to not show up on the desktop. However, this is not a proper solution because I do indeed want my CDs, DVDs and iPods to show up on the desktop, but NOT my hard disks, including my VM hard disks.

    I'm mentioning this so that it may be fixed in the next release.

    P.S.: If this is NOT the behaviour that others are experiencing, then it might have something to do with my having had to install MacFUSE when I was using build 5160 on Leopard. I have not yet tried to fully uninstall PD and MacFUSE and just re-install PD on its own.
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    5570: Proper classification of mounted hard disks

    Before installing 5570, I uninstalled 5540 and also uninstalled MacFUSE by issuing

    sudo /Library/Filesystems/fusefs.fs/Support/

    from the Terminal (on Leopard).

    My main Windows C drive is still classified under "CDs, DVDs, and iPods", but I had also created another virtual drive (E) and that drive is classified under "External disks" (I did not check my drive E with 5540 so I do not know what is was before).

    I'd like to hear what other people think about this? Should ALL Windows drives mounted in the Finder be classified under "Hard disks" or maybe "External disks"?

    For me, "Hard disks" seems to make sense. However, if this is not possible via MacFUSE, then I guess "External disks" is the next candidate.

    I like to show "External disks" as well as "CDs, DVDs, ..." on my desktop so that I can easily drag them to the trash to eject them. As I don't do this for (internal) hard disks, I don't show them on my desktop - and when I need access to them, I open Finder.

    As for Windows running in Parallels, I don't ever eject them either and when Parallels is closed they are automatically unmounted from the OS X side.
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