PSA 5.0.1 Patch Released!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Dan S., Aug 27, 2002.

  1. Dan S.

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    Just a quick note on this patch. This patch fixes some rather major bugs in 5.0, and it suggested that everyone upgrade. Please understand that not all bugs were addressed in this patch, because there was a need to get some of these fixes out the door ASAP. The following bugs have been fixed:

    What's new in Plesk Server Administrator v.5.0.1 build020821.*
    [-] impossibility to create physical hosting when only name-based hosting creation allowed bug fixed
    [-] appending a '/' to the end of the forward URL pointing to a specific page bug fixed
    [-] some domains has wrong "problem" status in a domain list bug fixed
    [*] numbers of semaphores used by PSA reduced by 2
    [-] impossibility to add an ip alias over 10 bug fixed
    [-] some protected directories config part have not been added into httpd.include bug fixed
    [-] minor interface fixes

    Now, on to what's still broken...
    We are aware of several problems in the email notification system. This includes, duplicate warnings in the same message, & messages being sent to the wrong users. These are being corrected, and will be in an additional patch soon (No ETA yet).

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