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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by drthunderer, Jun 13, 2007.

  1. drthunderer

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    all apologies, I know this has to have been posted and deleted 20,000 times, but i bought parallels in may of this year, from the apple store. I have seen multiple places not on your website that users who "bought after may 1st" will receive an email to let them upgrade to 3.0 for free, but as I bought through apple, you do not have my email address. How do I rectify this problem?

    A sticky in the forums would be NICE, as would a news item on your main page that clearly states the upgrade path. also, I actually tried the early links posted to pay the upgrade fee before i knew i was entitled to the the free upgrade, and they led to pages with the full purchase price. you guys are making it hard to get the truth, I really hope this isn't an attempt to get full price sales out of the unsuspecting masses, but it sure seems like it.
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    Me too!

    I purchased PD on June 6 from Amazon and also haven't been able to find on the site how to upgrade. I haven't even installed it yet, so would like to get 3.0 before installing. I guess I could just invoke the 30 day money back guarantee and re-buy it later. This site should definitely have a clear, easy to find explanation of how to get the upgrade.
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    Contact them via a support ticket or the support e-mail. It seems some people have had success in getting upgrades. Or search the forum and you will find what I just said.

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