.pvm file (folder) is growing without a reason

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    Sometimes back I had a bootcamp partition on my MacBookPro 6,2 (mid 2010) with 500Gb hdd. Then I bought Parallels Desktop 6 and import bootcamp partition into Parallels. It was about 470 Gb. Then I decide to switch to mac and create a VM from bootcamp.
    On one day I saw that disk properties in Windows shows about 470Gb disk size and decided to reduce it for more moderate values. There was a lot of steps I did: defragmenting, deleting locked files around, stoping snapshoting service under windows and so on. Finaly (after dozens of deframentations) I reduced partition size under Windows to 25Gb. It still shows about 450Gb unused space and thought I can change it in Parallels VM configuration. No way.

    Now .pvm file on mac side is over 56Gb and slowly growing. Moreover there is no chance to change partion size in Parallels VM configuration, it has "Expandable disk" checked and minimum 470Gb allowed size on slider. If I trying to uncheck this option it says "Inner error occured." with "No disk space for this operation."
    How it could be? Why 25Gb partition in windows has 56Gb used space on mac side?
    If some knows what to do or have any thiughts I'll be very appriciate. Thank you.

    Parallels Desktop for Mac 6 build 6.0.12106
    Windows 7
    OS X Lion 10.7.1
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    up. up. up.

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