QEMU Integration (all CPU's)

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If Parallels Desktop could emulate other CPU's, what would you likely do?

  1. run Windows 10 (x86) on an Apple Silicon equipped Mac.

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  2. run x86 only software on an Apple Silicon Mac with Linux or another guest type.

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  3. run mobile operating systems on any Mac.

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  4. Setup ARM virtual machines on an intel Mac

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  5. Develop for different hardware types.

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  1. Macintosh Rescue

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    With Apple switching to their own ARM style systems Parallels Desktop stands to loose compatibility with most of the Supported Guest list, and some ARM compatible versions of the same system are lacking in the same level of software availability.

    I decided that I wanted to test an aarch64 Linux distribution to potentially replace one of my current intel virtual machines. I used Parallels Desktop to boot into another Linux desktop system to try using QEMU to test software compatibility in the aarch64 environment, to verify that the virtual machine would likely work on any future Mac I buy. I was successful using the nested VM and had a fully working ARM Linux distribution running on my current intel Mac, but sadly I discovered that some of the the packages I needed are not available in aarch64 . So my testing was successful and my conclusion is that I will need to emulate an intel CPU to keep some of my current virtual machines working when I get a new Mac sometime in the future, and that will be done with QEMU.

    There is an opportunity to include the open-source QEMU with Parallels Desktop to be used in conjunction with the current emulated peripheral hardware for example: Windows 10 x64 runs on the qemu64 CPU, but uses the Parallels Display adapter through Metal to provide full compatibility with Windows 32 and 64 bit CAD programmes and games. Also, users of the new Mac Pro can make aarch64 virtual machines in Parallels Desktop for deployment to the cloud.

    The approach of including a CPU emulator for use when the host hypervisor does not match a virtual machines architecture could make host CPU a non issue for developers, and Windows on Mac users.
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