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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by sokarth, Jun 7, 2007.

  1. sokarth



    When i purchased by copy of parllels 2, it was purchased with Extended Download Service, I don't htink Upgrade Protection or Maintenance was an option. Does this mean i'll get a free parallels 3 key?

    I've already purchased the upgrade key, but i didn't see the bit about the Upgrade Protection or Maintenance part before?

    Your thoughts
  2. Horizontal


    You have the same query as me, but the answer is no you will not get a free version 3 key as despite Parallels' commitment to provide free upgrades for 1 year after purchase they are now dancing around that issue with carefully worded statements distinguishing what they will provide for free.

    Parallels now claim that promise was for point updates only and not upgrades. So you will have to buy the upgrade to version 3.
  3. snodman

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    Not true. IF you purchased Parallels last Xmas during the Free Upgrades for 1 Year promotion you have an email from back then that says you do INDEED get all upgrades for free for 1 year from your purchase date. If you purchased after that deal expired but before May 1st (or so) you have to pay for this upgrade. If you purchased after May 1st (or so, somewhere near that date) you get this upgrade for free.
  4. jvgfanatic



    I received an email from support less than a week ago saying that I would get a key (having the free upgrades for 1 year).

    The wording was "major version" and that is industry standard for the big (before the point) number (i.e. 3.x 4.x 5.x etc...)

    Extended Download Service however is just that, you can download your purchased software for an extended amount of time (longer than the 30 or so days by default). It guaranteed no upgrades. It DID cost money but the "upgrade protection" was included for 'free'.
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  5. sokarth


    Ty, glad i bought my key when it was at the cheaper price

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