Quicken 2008 Backup on Leopard 10.5

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by pderby, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. pderby


    I finally gave up on Quicken for Mac, long abandoned by Quicken, and moved on to Quicken 2008 for Windows. Am running this under Parallels.

    After a week of marathon transfer and cleanup of data Quicken on Windows appears to work well except for backup. When I exit Quicken I'm given the option to backup the data, but nothing happens at all (no message no nothing) when I click on the button to backup.

    Anyone know what I need to set in Parallels/Windows/Quicken/OS X so that Quicken 2008 backs up my Quicken data file when I exit Quicken?

    A search of the Parallels forum and the Quicken forum has no solution for this situation.
  2. DrLivingstone

    DrLivingstone Bit Poster

    I periodically do a manual backup of my qdata file to a USB drive; I haven't fully explored all the backup options in Quicken 2008.
  3. michaelxjw



    I have also installed Quicken 2008 PC on my virtual XP Machine having given up on the MAC version. I have no problem with backups from within Quicken. As long as you setup file sharing within Parallels, you can use the standard Quicken backup tools to backup to a folder within your virtual machine. If you setup file sharing with your MAC, those folders will also be available to you on the MAC side & will also backup to time machine if you use it. The backup notice you receive when you exit Quicken is the routine notice that Quicken is performing another routine backup to its default folder location.
  4. pderby


    I already have file sharing setup, so that isn't what is keeping Quicken from backing up.

    I upgraded to Quicken 2009 today and just like magic, backups now work. Instead of doing nothing, Quicken presents a dialog box to select the backup location and does the backup.

    So something changed from Quicken 2008 to 2009 that works well with Parallels/Windows XP
  5. likegadgets


    I am paranoid about my Quicken data. I too switched to a MAC and QW2008 is one of few apps I run from Parallels.
    I back up to a USB Drive that is only dedicated for Quicken Backups. The USB drive attached to parallels (and formatted from Windows) works fine.

    As a secondary backup I have a Windows PC on the network. I have a copy of QW2008 on that machine as well and I use the Windows "Briefcase" to sync the Quicken files folder. As I replace Windows machine will do Quicken backups online.
  6. John@Parallels


    Solution for quicken backup

    Quicken users must make a back up copy of Quicken data before installing
    either a new version of Quicken or installing Microsoft Money. Regular
    backups of Quicken data is essential to avoid losing all Quicken data in
    the event of a hard drive failure.

    To make a back up copy of the Quicken data file:

    1. Start Quicken and click on File, then click on Backup.
    2. Set the file location:
    * To temporarily store backup files during an install, set
    the file location to your desktop.

    3. Five files will appear on your Windows Desktop or will be copied
    to the CD with the file extensions QTX, QSD, QPH, QEL and QDF. These are
    your back up data files.
    4. Simply delete the files on your desktop when you are sure you no
    longer need them, after you have been using the new version of Quicken
    or Microsoft Money for some time. If you backed up to a disk, be sure to
    store it in a safe place.

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