RC1 breaks USB Mass Storage support

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by jcmartin, Jan 12, 2007.

  1. jcmartin


    After upgrading to 3120, parallels started to freeze when trying to use a 100GB external USB drive. When freezing, I would get the spinning wheel, and after trying to force quit parallels, I would most of the time, have to reboot my mac. This used to work in Beta3. I had to go back to the previous version.
  2. mcqueary


    I am running into the same thing. I'm using 3120 RC1, trying to connect an external USB EXT2 drive to a Parallels VM running RedHat AS3. No worky. OSX sees it, Parallels sees it and lets me attach it to my VM, but the VM either freezes (if I attach it while the VM is running) or fails to see it (i.e. after I reboot the VM with the external USB drive attached).



    Has anyone come up with a solution? I can't use external drives in my XP VM due to this freezing

  4. Shemp65


    Drives recognized, just not mounted

    I'm using RC1 running XP as well, and Windows will recognize a USB external drive (I've tried a 160GB external drive, and an iPod). The glitch, however, is Windows won't mount the drive.

    Even in the USB selector on the Parallels control bar the drives are shown, they're just not mounted -- which makes it even more frustrating.

    I am enjoying excellent performance with Parallels otherwise...
  5. dd55


    Personally, I've given up on this. I need to transfer data base files from a computer at work to my Mac at home. I have been using a portable USB drive for this by:

    Exporting the files to the USB drive at work and bringing it home.
    Shutting down the VM on my Mac and quitting Parallels.
    Mounting the USB drive on the Mac and copying the files from the USB drive to a Parallels shared folder.
    Un-mounting the USB drive
    Relaunching parallels and firing up the VM
    From there I can import the files from the shared folder into the application.

    Cumbersome at best but it beats driving myself nuts trying to get it to work "like it should".

  6. oneway23


    I'm having the same issue, except for the fact that unlike the poster above, my mac tells me it cannot read my usb 2.0 external. It is formatted NTFS, but I was under the impression that the mac could at least read from such devices. I bought David Pogue's book for switchers, and while reading it, he kept saying "all you have to do." Well, so much for "true plug and play. Parallels has saved my professional life by allowing me to migrate, but now the external is kaput.
  7. dd55


    It "should" but sometimes...well you know...we are still dealing with computers. Please try reformatting your USB drive as a FAT32 volume...that should work better as the Mac can both read and write to a FAT 32 volume. Also, are you sure the VM and Parallels are completely shut down? And did you try rebooting the Mac? Sometimes a "slap in the head" is all it takes...

  8. bubux


    USB problems

    I have the same problems with my HD usb 80Gb 2,5 inch and with my sticky usb 1Gb...
    How it's possible to find the old version of parallels?

    Manu Thanks

  9. monfra


    Usb Drive with NTFS

    I have the same problem, my 250G HD with 2 partition NTFS is not available on both systems (VM & Mac OS).

    In VM I got just the icon that show Mass storage is there, but I could not mount the drive in VM but I could disconnect it.


    I try the same thing with an other Vm from VMwave (FUSION), and my usb drive was working fine, but other things was an others story. This Vm work slower (beta version) and need to set on and off manually Output, also It support very well the Isign camera.

    I know actually I use Bootcamp for transfert off file from NTFS drive to Bootcam HD, but that mean I have to do the job twisce. Boot in PC than Boot in Mac.

    I hope a new release will fix the problem, until that I won't buy the Parallels application. It is a major point. External device must work...

    Did somebody know wich vertion of macdrive will anable Bootcamp to see MAC internal HD, My version 2.xx didn't.


    FM p.eng

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