Re: Lost network connection after wake from sleep with PD9, Mavericks, Windows 8.1

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by EllwoodN, Nov 1, 2013.

  1. EllwoodN

    EllwoodN Kilo Poster

    An odd problem is occurring with PD9, Mavericks and Win8 VM. When the host
    computer is put to sleep and is later awakened, the VM drops its network
    connection. Going to the devices menu, everything under network is checked
    however the Windows VM has no network. Selecting the adapter again in the
    devices menu re-establishes the VM's network connection. BTW, there is no
    network issue on the Mac side after wake from sleep, only with the VM.

    Operating in bridged mode with default adapter selected.

    Not a major issue and there is a simple work around (so far), but thought I should
    make note of it if others are having a similar issue.
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  2. iFireman


    I got a very similar issue with 2 machines - both iMac late 2013, PD9, Mavericks and Windows 7.
    After wake from sleep on the host iMac's the Windows VM has lost the network connection.
  3. flexoFromSwitzerland

    flexoFromSwitzerland Bit Poster

    Same problem. Mavericks, PD9 and Windows 7 64 bit. Had no problems with OS X ML.
  4. AlekseyM

    AlekseyM Product Expert

    Adding myself to this list. Same issue.
  5. PinnyB


    I have exactly the same problem, only with static IP, no problem with dynamic IP but does not help me coz I have a server running on the VM that must be accessible by IP.
    No joy from Parallels - one of their techies spent an hour yesterday connected through remote desktop and could not solve it.

    Anyone found a solution?
  6. MinutemanP

    MinutemanP Bit Poster

    Me too. Only happened after I upgraded to Parallels 9 under mavericks. I'm running Windows XP and have to disconnect and then reconnect to get the network connection working again. It seems to happen to me less now I've changed my network connection settings from Bridged Network to Shared Network, but it's still a pain and something I never experienced when I was running Parallels 8 on a Mountain Lion Mac
  7. TomCJr


    I am seeing this as well. Annoying, try not to let the machine sleep now.
  8. Hugh81

    Hugh81 Bit Poster

    I am seeing the same thing. Parallels 9, Mavericks, Windows 7. This began right after I upgraded to Mavericks. Seems only to occur if the Mac wakes from sleep. May seem like minor annoyance but I occasionally forget about it and spin my wheels for 3-5 minutes wondering why a regression test is failing. Operating in bridged mode with default adapter selected.

    NEIL REIFF Bit Poster

  10. Elric

    Elric Parallels Developers

    We've just managed to reproduce the similar issue for bridged networking:

    1) There is a bug in Parallels: on PowerNap-enabled host (recent MacBooks Pro, iMacs and MacMinis) if while sleep power-nap wakeup occures, the Network Link in guest could be disconnected after full wakeup. More info about PowerNap feature of Mac can be found in the article OS X: About Power Nap

    2) While using bridged networking with Thunderbolt adapter, this could also happen after wakeup.

    combination of these two factors leads to almost 100% reproduction of the problem :-(

    Workaround is really to disconnect and connect networking via devices menu of Parallels (or any other way). We are working on the fix.
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  11. Rivendell


    Me too, the same problem, with Mavericks + PD9 + Windows7/64-bit.
    On network mode 'Default Adapter (Bridged)'.

    Network just went 'not connected' after awakened.
    There was no such problem under MountainLion +/or PD8.

    Now working around by disabling the power management on Win7.
    Waiting for the new Parallels update.
  12. DrMichael


    Same for me. Running Win 7 prof 64 Bit + PD9 + 10.9 MBPr 15" late 2013.
    The VM runs in a Win2003 sever based network featuring DHCP, using bridged mode/default adapter.
    The Mac side remains firmly connected after wake up, Win side has no network connectivity coming out of sleep mode.
    Tried to deactivate and re-activate the network adapter, to no avail.
    Only shutting down and restarting the VM solves the issue.
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  13. Yuval1


    the problem occurs on Parallels Desktop 8.0.18615 as well. I think it did NOT occur before I updated to the latest 8.0 version. Hope you're working on a fix for the 8.0 as well.


  14. DrMichael


    Hi Elric; what about some kind of solution ? I'm self employed and need a reliable system to do my job. After more than four weeks since your post you should have sorted out this thing.

  15. jaxf250

    jaxf250 Bit Poster

    Same issue with network not reconnecting. Late 2013 MBPro, OS-X, Parallels 9 (latest) and Win 8.1.
    Subscribing to this thread - hope a fix comes soon. Thanks.
  16. DrMichael


    Hi guys,

    I've opened a support ticket at Parallels an this is their solution:

    ....we recommend that you put Windows virtual machine to sleep before putting your Mac to sleep as well. The reason why it loses network connectivity is because Mac OSX suspends all activities on the background including Windows virtual machine which may potentially corrupt core system files on Windows. To rectify the issue, put Windows to sleep by clicking on "Start > Hybernate" before putting Mac to Sleep. If you are not using your virtual machine to connect to a Server, you can Shared Adapter. This mode means that as long as your Mac has network connections, so you're virtual machine be.

    Seems like another workaround and not a real solution. Since I need bridged mode (using an Outlook profile on our server), shared mode is not an option. If it were as support suggests, de- and reactivating the network adapter in the VM should reestablish the connection - but this does not work. As Elric mentioned above this could well be a hardware issue connected to the thunderbolt network adapter cables. As these are relatively new, this also could be the reason for this bug emerging in mid-2013 (with the first new MBPr's).

    I hope they solve this in the near future. Sure, it's minor compared to the overall performance and stability of PD but it remains annoying if you have to cope daily with it.
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  17. markfr


    Just to add to the thread,

    I'm still having trouble with this and cant get either Win7 or Win8 VMs to keep their network connection.

    I have an open support ticket but the only advise is the same as found on here with the comment that they are working on a fix.

    Unfortunately the work around proposed don't help me as my users access the VM via RDP and dont have access to the Host.

    i wonder if this is a Parallels Issue or a Mavericks one?

    I'm stuck, any one any other Ideas


    NEIL REIFF Bit Poster

    I was experiencing the same issue. I switched to Bridged networking as opposed to shared network. I also turned off all power save settings in Mac, and in Windows and on the network adapters. Since switching to the bridge network on P9 I do not lose the network connection. The downside to this is that my other Windows networked computers cannot access my C drive on my P9 machine, however the P9 machine does access the other computers. This is not a perfect scenario but it is better than dropping the network.
  19. gatess



    Updated to Build 9.0.24217 and finally I don't have to suspend/resume my Win7 VM every time my Mac sleeps. Go get it. Thanks
  20. Maheesh@Parallels

    Maheesh@Parallels Parallels Support Parallels Support

    Hi All,

    To resolve this issue, please update to the latest build of Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac as suggested at

    Also, the latest build of Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac is 9.0.24217


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