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Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by technonut2000, Nov 19, 2008.

  1. technonut2000


    I have spent a week trying to get 4.0 to work. Positively the worst software release since Windows ME ! The upgrade was horrible. The conversion was lousy. The installation of the tools took three times. The support sucks! AND!!!! After I finally was able to get it running, it CRASHES regularly with driver issues like prl_vadd, or whatever the heck that is!

    I am ready to move to VM Fusion. Does anyone know if Fusion will convert a Parallels VM? I have found posts that indicate that it will convert 3.0 but nothing on 4.0. Probably because no one can get their computers to work after upgrading to 4.0, so they can't post anything about it!!!

    Parallels 4.0 stinks!
  2. kerzebrozzer


    I'm also ready to leave as it left my 3.0 image somewhere at 3.67 and did not move it to 4.0

    Windows won't start and parallels is crashing to start screen. Luckely or for heavens sake I could you the explorer to rescue my data.

    I'm also looking for Fusion but need some time as I have to setup up the WinXP-Env again from scratch......

    I'm also wondering why my iphone isn't syncing in Parallels 4.0 (can see it in explorer to check photos but itunes says: Timeout in accessing the device :-( )

    As I already stated to support: Software is crap !!!!!!!
  3. likegadgets


    Same here. On a new MacBook pro I got a free offer for Fusion 2.0 and will be testing it soon. I liked parallels 3 on my iMac but never got iSight to work and now have problems with the PD4 upgrade - with a couple of forum questions unanswered. Every major upgrade brings issues, but it looks like PD4 has more than a normal share and was not ready for release.
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  5. bmwmcrider

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    I don't think you guys are are giving PD 4 a fair chance. This past weekend I had my problems upgrading from PD 3 on my MacBook Pro. It took a long time for PD 4 to install and then to convert my PD 3 Vista guest OS. I finally got it running but no network connectivity.

    Earlier this week I did post my problem to this board and got almost immediate response from a Parallels tech who provided me with a fix that didn't work. He recommended I submit a trouble report which I did. Shortly thereafter I got an email from another tech who provided me with a hot fix to the network problem. I ran the provided script, rebooted and network connectivity was up and running.

    Unfortunately, I then hosed my Vista VM - I installed an app, PowerDesk; I didn't pay attention to the distro version I was using. It was a non-Vista compatible version. Just before upgrading to PD 4 I created a new Vista guest OS in the PD 3 environment and hadn't installed any apps yet.

    Anyhow, Vista was so hosed that, last night, I dumped that VM and started all over with PD 4 converting my newly created PD 3 Vista VM. I was a little smarter this time around and the whole process took about an hour. Now I have a happy Vista VM running under Parallels.

    Yeah I agree the software is buggy and it takes some patience and handholding to get it running but once you get there it does work. From all the problems that everyone is posting on this board I almost think that Parallels decided to do a beta release under the guise of a production release and let the public wring out the bugs which is wrong. Their software QA department needs a little revamping.

    Good luck,


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