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Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by MarkHolbrook, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. srl


    Setting security to maximum also disables all folder sharing. You can disable the application integration, but you are asked again every time parallels tools installs. I just posted a new topic that covers this and other issues.
  2. misterjangles


    I don't know if this will help but perhaps instead of renaming your Windows Applications folder on your external drive - if you create a new directory then move/copy the files over. That might "break" the OSX mapping.

    Because I think that OSX does keep an internal id for files and folders so it can track where things are when you rename them.
  3. jharland


    I agree that this problems is at best annoying, and at worst inexcusibly sloppy on the part of both Apple and Parallels. I absolutely hate not being able to easily and explicitly disable any cross-talk between the Mac Os and parallels.
  4. jharland


    Here’s a workaround that seems to be working for me (at the present). There’s a folder on the Mac side called /Users/<userename>/Documents/Parallels/Microsoft Windows XP/Windows Applications. (This was referred to in earlier postings, and, on my machine, is created by the Parallels VM despite the Parallel security settings and my many attempts to trash the folder. When you open an application in Parallels, a small file is copied to this folder, and that messes with the Mac files associations in some arcane way, thus the annoying problems.) After emptying the contents of this folder, I simply set the permissions of this folder (in the Mac get info window) to Read Only (No Access also works). This prevents the Parallels VM from writing to the folder, and also from creating a new Windows Applications folder, since it already exists.

    Good luck, and thanks for raising this issue. Obvious flaws such as this really call into question the integrity of the development and QA teams at Parallels.
  5. whytyger


    I find myself in full agreement with Mark Holbrook:

    1) Mucking about with default file associations on the host OS is a "Really Bad Idea." Perhaps it is necessary if your objective is to merge OSX and Windows. But the cost is fearfully high. And like Mark, I have no desire to do this, preferring to keep the two environments separate. That, for me, is what a virtual machine is all about.

    2) Turning on this behavior by default is a really really bad idea.

    3) Making it essentially irreversible without proctological surgery of the host OS is a really really really bad idea.

    Interestingly, the cause (and cure) for this was noted in a much earlier thread, where some of the behavior of the cleanup script that runs following installation of Parallels was alarming to an alert user. Here is the link:

    Developers: you have shot yourself in the foot by overdoing the integration of the two OS's. It's costing you customers and supporters. It's not a feature, it's a bug. It's been thoroughly documented, and you can duplicate it in your labs. Why not just fix the darn thing?

    Newsflash: it appears that Parallels Support has finally responded with a slightly less proctological fix. Read about it here:

    I haven't tried this, as my file associations are finally back in order. If it works, I suggest that the fix be made a sticky.
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  6. Victor


    I have exactly the same problem.
  7. Hugh Watkins

    Hugh Watkins

    which OS and browser is the default in Parallels ?

    Hugh W
  8. nickd87


    I had this problem too.

    In the guest OS (Windows XP), I did a custom install of the Parallels tools and took the tick out of "application sharing" (or whatever it is called). In fact, I took the tick out of anything that even resembled the word "sharing".

    I then trashed the "Windows Applications" folder and I have not had a problem since.

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