Recommendation please... v2 or v3 for Vista

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  1. I'm looking for the most stable version to install Vista Ultimate in. I have been happily running XP in the latest version of 2 (3214, I believe) and it is very stable.

    I need to run Vista and don't really need the eye candy so if I can't run Aero, no biggie... but I don't want to run into other issues. I'm just looking for stability at this point.

    Should I stay with 3214 or move to v3 (which I've already purchased)?

    Thanks for your response or opinion.
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    If you have already purchased 3.0- try it!
    Don't forget to backup yout VM first.
  3. mschool


    I am responding to this June '07 post having not been able to find anything similiar on other threads.

    I am a very happy 3214 user running Win XP SP2. I have been curious about Vista Business and Parallels 3.0 but have been reluctant to make changes, remembering the heartburn of my early Parallels set up. I'm of the understanding that Parallels users can simply make copies of an existing VM, upgrade to Vista and try it out. If you don't like it, you can trash the Vista VM and start over, knowing that it's just a copy.

    Once you upgrade to Parallels 3.0, it's a different problem to revert back to 3214 if unhappy. I ma looking for some best practices and user advice on this.

    Currently running:

    Mac OS 10.5.1
    2.33 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
    2 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM

    Parallels 3214
    WIN XP SP2
    1 Gig RAM
    80 Gig HD

    I have Vista Business upgrade in hand, but have not tried it out yet.
    Should I make a copy of my current VM, load it and install Vista Business, and then upgrade to Parallels 3.0?
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  5. Eru Ithildur

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    I like V.3, myself, I am not running build 5582 which has a few known glitches, rather I am running build 5580 which runs great! If you can avoid Vista in any way possible, do so, though.

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