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Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by MBX, Nov 12, 2009.

  1. MBX


    Hi there

    I just got my Parallels Desktop 5 copy and installed it along Windows7.

    I was excited that the 3D acceleration apparently got even better and overall a more seamless experience.

    However i then got a little disappointed as the display refresh rate (playing media, moving windows around or manipulating other things or 3D stuff) was jittery and not as smooth. Sometimes it would act weird as well where the displayed program disappears and then it redraws it again.

    And i'm running Snow Leopard, 3ghz dual core, 8GB Ram. I tested many settings (set ram at half or automaticly, display for 3D acceleration checked on, etc etc)

    I switched from Vmware Fusion because i thought Desktop 5.0 was better in performance and overall experience but now i'm considering a refund.

    Any suggestions?

  2. serv

    serv Parallels Developers

    MBX, are you running in windowed/fullscreen or coherence/crystal mode?
  3. MBX



    The effect is the same.

    I had much less of this when i used v4.

    I'm on MBP, Unibody 17'', 2.93ghz C2D, 8GB Ram, Nvidia 9600M/ GT (set on Higher Performance).

    Do you have any recommended settings in configuration of P-Desktop 5 for the machine i'm using above?


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