Regarding Upgrading to PD9 from PD7 due to the fact OSX10.9 is now free

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Tony K, Oct 23, 2013.

  1. Tony K

    Tony K

    i'm strongly against the fact where i would need to upgrade my PD7 in order to get it work on Maverick, but i understand there are limitation and the hard work that the Parallel team has made so have put in so i'm considering the upgrade.

    Now i'm looking at the offer it's 49.99 with parallel access subscription for 6 months for free, now i personally don't have an iPad, and won't buy one anytime soon, why wouldn't the team make another offer where we can ignore that subscription and cut the cost of the upgrade be more attractive for old users?

    how many of u have actually upgrade right after the apple announcement for free upgrade for OSX?
  2. ArtCraigM


    I saw the free upgrade to mavericks and was planning on installing it on the spot, luckily (due to the fact I need PD for my work) I received an email in the nick of time.
    However when I noticed the cost of the upgrade being 49.99 I was quite amazed..

    And I also do not have or plan on buying an iPad so perhaps an alternate offer can be introduced.
    I don't need or want a subscription for iPad access.
    I would be much more inclined to upgrade (without 6 month sub. for iPad Access 34.99) for the suitable cost of 14.99.

    How about it Parallels?
  3. Chris@Parallels


    Hi Tony K and ArtCraigM,

    At this time there is no plans for a separate offer from PD7 to PD9 in terms of pricing. There are a number of other threads regarding the same or similar topics where we have explained the main reason PD7 is not compatible due to the version being 2 years old and it was not feasible for our company to back-port Mavericks compatibility. Our software sits on top of multiple OS's as a service so our team focused all their efforts on our newer versions.

  4. ArtCraigM


    I understand that there are compatibility issues, but that is not the point here.
    The whole point is that to be able to upgrade to Mavericks (for free) I would need to spend €50,- to continue working in PD.

    Also that the upgrade deal contains features that I myself and Tony K do not require at all.
    So perhaps a separate offer can be conjured up for people such as Tony K and myself.

    I don't have a problem with upgrading to a newer version of PD the only problem I have is with the price of the upgrade.

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