Remove Boot Camp & Install Parallels?

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by evolution, Oct 25, 2006.

  1. evolution


    How do I remove Boot Camp & install Parallels instead? I haven't bought Parallels yet but will be as soon as I get an answer to this...

  2. BlueSkyISdotCOM

    BlueSkyISdotCOM Bit Poster

    Applications > Utitilies > Boot Camp Assistant

    Create or Remove a Windows partition

    Remove Windows partition
  3. dmainzman


    NO! Don't do it! Just use both.
    Parallels is being a bitch and refusing to support 3D graphics. There is increasingly less and less reason to use Parallels instead of bootcamp.
    You hear that, Parallels?? MAKE 3D A PRIORITY!
  4. joem


    There may be less and less reason for YOU to use Parallels without 3D, but nothing I want to run requires it, so I'm happy without it.

    Just a data point. Many of us have differing requirements, and none of us represents the entire market.
  5. ToolGuy



    Even if Parallels did provide 3D support, I doubt you would be satisfied with it unless you can accept a frame rate of maybe 1 frame per second.

    These are Virtual Machines, and as such, everything (including the graphics card) must be emulated in software. 3D graphics are VERY processor intensive and require dedicated graphics processors to get any kind of acceptable performance - hence the need for graphics cards in the first place.

    Even if Parallels could break the laws of physics and provide a solution that was just as efficient and fast as the rest of the virtual environment, it still would only be perhaps 90-95% as fast as "native" mode. And frankly, that wouldn't be fast enough for me. I do run several programs with Bootcamp (mostly games and one CAD program) and I want all the graphics speed I can get for all of them.

    As Joem mentioned above, we all have different requirements, and I for one would rather have the Parallels team working on enhancements that help the majority of users.

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