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Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by ErhanU, Aug 30, 2013.

  1. ErhanU

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    How can I remove one of the computers from "My Computers" list in Parallels Access? As soon you install the agent and sign in, that computer appears in the list, however I cannot remove it after I decided to deinstall the agent and forget about that machine.
  2. Adam1203

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    I had the same question. From what I understand, it is not possible. To make matters worse, I tried out PA on a test VM, then bought PD9 (which came with a 6 month license for PA). Apparently, it will only license itself to the first computer you installed it, and the license cannot be transferred.

    So in short, install the trial on the computer you actually want to use it on, or you'll be screwed!

    Stupid move on Parallels part, they better fix this soon!
  3. Eugene@Parallels

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    Parallels Development Team is currently working on this issue.
  4. Adam1203

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    Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, that doesn't help me.

    I installed the trial on a VM, that doesn't exist anymore. So now, my 6 month license is tied to a computer that doesn't exist.

    Is there anyway to just remove the associated computers on your end?
  5. AdamTheGreat

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    So the only way I was able to get this "fixed" was to have support refund my original purchase, and re-purchase the license under a different email account. Now I have one computer. What a pain.
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  7. Looran@Parallels

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    Hello Everyone,

    Please follow the below article to remove a computer from Parallels Access on your iPad:

  8. w2m3

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    If you read the thread a bit more carefully and refer to the KB article you reference, you will notice that the computers in question no longer exist so it is not possible to remove them using that procedure. Parallels' primary business is in the VM space (i.e., often transient systems), yet somehow the designers of Access never contemplated the need to manage "My Computers" independent of direct access to every computer on the list?! What about disk failures and other common-place occurrences that would make access to a computer impossible?
  9. marat_t

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    The direct access to the computer is required only to turn the access off. If computer does not exist, then the step can be skipped. In the other words there is no ability to remove computer if it is connected to Parallels Access services.

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