Resized .hdd - no extra drive space for install???

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by easum, Jan 6, 2007.

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    Newbie Question Here:

    Hi All - I need to install some MS apps but upon running Installer I recieved a message that there wasn't enough room. Therefore, I went out and used the utility to increase the .hdd file from 8mg to 20mg. However; when I went back in and ran the Installer it still says that I do not have enough room (only showing the 8mg). Is there something else I have to do?

  2. misterjangles


    check the sticky post at the top of this forum about resizing a windows partition. the parallels tool resizes the "drive" but it doesn't resize the windows partition. unfortunately it's a bit of a pain in the ass, but the instructions in that post are pretty good.
  3. nickels


    You need to create a new partition for the extra space. Go to Start/Administrative Tools,/Computer Management (you may need to reconfigure your start menu to show Admin tools). Click on 'Disk Management and you will see a list of all the hard drives and their partitions. Select the disk you want and right-click and select 'New Partition' The process is fairly easy. Then you can install the MS Apps on the new partition.

    If you want to truly increase the size of your hard drive in Windows, there is a thread on this forum that describes how to do it.

    Alternatively you might like to try Partition Magic, which allows you to resize a Windows partition (that is curently being booted from) without losing data. This should also eliminate the need to even copy the virtual hard drive. (although I would do it for safety sake!)

    Hope this helps.
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  4. mdporter


    So disk images do not grow automatically even though that option is selected?
  5. detayls


    The images grow but the partitions don't. If you previously chose an 8gb partition and your disk image is 4gb, it will grow to 8gb.

    Unless you change the 8gb partition size, even though you have more room on the Mac host disk, your limit is 8gb of space on the virtual disk.

    When you tell Parallels to increase the size of your virtual disk, it allows the disk to grow but the partitin INSIDE your virtual disk needs to be resized as well.

    Do a Google search for "GPARTED parallels image" and you will find a simple little linux install that can run under Parallels that will allow you to do that part of the job.

    Of course, you should carefully back up all of your stuff, including the .hdd file, before you try any of this.

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