Resume take a LONG time...

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by galen_rhodes, Jul 20, 2007.

  1. galen_rhodes


    Some times (quite often actually) resuming a suspended VM takes a LONG time (3 minutes or more). It opens the OS window and I can see the desktop but then it just sits there with that message saying that it's resuming the VM. Then after about 3 minutes or more it finally comes back to life and finishes.

    Any clue what's going on?
  2. ccparallels


    How much real memory is on your system? How much are you giving to your VM?

    I don't know if this matters, but do you have any devices which re-connect upon resumption?

    What else are you running on your system (under OS X and the VM) at the point of resumption?
  3. galen_rhodes


    Resume takes a LONG time....

    It doesn't do it all the time. Only about half the time.

    I running a Mac Pro 2 x 2.66 GHz with 2GB of RAM.

    The guest OS is Windows XP with all the patches and service packs.

    I'm allocating 512MB of RAM to the VM.

    No USB devices.

    I disconnected the CD-ROM drive in the VM so that it quits stealing the CD from the Mac.

    Shared Networking.

    I quit all applications in the VM before I suspend it.

    The next time it does it I'll take a look and see how much real memory I have left on the Mac.
  4. Robster

    Robster Kilo Poster

    Happens to me too.

    But I have a little widget in my menu that shows how much of my memory is in use.

    Only happens when a good portion of my memory is in use and I can hear the disk frantically swapping out a large chunck of memory to make room for Parallels.

    A apin but its not QUITE enough of a reason to upgrade toe the latest MacBook Pro with 4 Gb of memory.

    Almost just not quite.

    Well thats what the wife tells me anyway. :mad:

  5. galen_rhodes


    I thought that too....

    I thought it was a memory issue at first too. Who knows, it might still be.

    But it NEVER does it if I start a VM that's not suspended. Only if I resume a suspended VM.

    Also I just tried it again with only 20MB free in OS X and it resumed just fine.

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