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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by sseligson, Oct 29, 2006.

  1. sseligson

    sseligson Member

    Is there a way that I can run Parallels and boot camp off of the same installed version of windows.

    For the most part I use Parallels, but I want to play some games that Parallels will not support. I also only have 100 Gigs. So I was wondering if there is a way to only install one copy of windows xp on my HD and run both boot camp and parallels off of it?
  2. James Bond 007

    James Bond 007 Hunter

    Short answer : Not possible, at this time. You have to install Windows separately under Parallels and Boot Camp if you need to use Windows under Parallels and natively.

  3. drtimhill

    drtimhill Member

    Short answer: no. It's a popular request and Parallels have stated they are looking at it. However, it's really a Windows problem, since what you are asking is the equivalent of taking a hard disk out of one Windows PC and booting it in an entirely different PC. Generally, PnP goes crazy at this point trying to get the hardware differences resolved. It can work, but its not something you would want to do every day.

    I run both PW and Boot Camp on my MBP and get around file sharing by making the Boot Camp partition visible in PW (easy), and just live with the mess of installing and updating everything twice (sigh).

  4. mcg

    mcg Hunter

    Hardware profiles can handle the PnP craziness. Parallels just needs to implement a native file system, that's all---though when I say "that's all" I don't mean to suggest it's a trivial thing to do.

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