Running a Monterey VM on clean Monterey install host (Parallels 17.1.0): BROKEN

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Guest OS Discussion' started by RobR9, Oct 27, 2021.

  1. RobR9

    RobR9 Bit Poster

    My Monterey guest VM is working fine but I'm unable to set the screen resolution to anything but 1440.
    Also, in Control Center, the settings gear icon doesn't appear, only the power icon.
    I've installed Tools on both the host and guest, though drag and drop into the guest isn't working, so perhaps it is failing to install. It's non-obvious if Tools is installed or not.
    I've reinstalled Parallels and Tools on the host, and created a new Monterey VM but behavior is the same.
    Lots of reboots of both the host and guest.
    Any ideas? Seems like maybe this capability is not ready for prime time.

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  2. MelvinV


    I'm having all of the exact same issues.
  3. BernardH

    BernardH Bit Poster

    In addition to the above issues, I am also unable to sign in with my Apple ID on the Monterey VM
  4. DavidL58

    DavidL58 Bit Poster

    Same resolution and gear icon issues on M1.
  5. MichaelD59

    MichaelD59 Bit Poster

    I'm having the same issues
  6. RichardS16

    RichardS16 Bit Poster

    Same here. Monterey VM is useless.
  7. Zoran1

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  8. nandor

    nandor Bit Poster

    As near as I can tell, the issues persist. Everything is the most up-to-date that it can be in May 2022:
    M1 Max, 16" 2021
    Monterey 12.3.1
    Parallels 17.1.2
    MacOS VM 12, just downloaded last night.
    Parallels Tools installed on both the host and the virtual.
    Everything is fresh install as of two days ago at the latest, as the computer is new.

    I have the same issues as above:
    *No drag/drop capabilities
    *Only resolution possible is 1440x900
    *Non-obvious is Parallels Tools is installed on the VM
    *Cannot sign in with AppleID -- even tried to create a new AppleID and all I get is "This action cannot be completed"

    With the new architecture, I can't even run my old Windows7, Snow Leopard, or even Big Sur VMs. Unfortunately, for now I have to agree with RichardS16. At the moment, the Monterey VM is useless. It might be worse than useless, as it has taken up my time, and so far is just a waste of my money :(
  9. nandor

    nandor Bit Poster

    I forgot to mention: right-clicking by two-fingered click is also broken. Control-click works fine, but is annoying.
    Finally -- is there supposed to be the same kind of "Configuration" ability as there was before? You know, limiting the number of cores to use, or how much RAM to use, or how to connect to the internet. I can't find any of that ANYWHERE within the program. My user satisfaction with Parallels on an M1 mac is EXTREMELY low.
  10. Nazeemabanu@Parallels

    Nazeemabanu@Parallels Staff Member

    Hello, @nandor Please refer to the below links to know about the known issue and limitations with Mac OS Monterey Virtual Machine on the Mac M1 chip. We request you to click on 'Get updates' in the below links to get the future updates to work with Mac OS Monterey Virtual Machine. and

    Also could you please try to change the network mode to 'Bridged Network' for Mac OS VM in Mac M1 to check the internet connection as mentioned in this link - Thanks.
  11. nandor

    nandor Bit Poster

    I'd rather not mess around with the config file at the moment; I'm still setting up my entire computer in various ways. However, I connect to the network just fine -- I was just using the *configuration* of how to get a network connection as one of those things that I didn't seem to have control over.

    Also, after looking more online, I see that there IS an actual ARM version of Windows 7 Ultimate. Does Parallels plan on providing ARM versions of older Mac operating systems, similar to how they currently now provide an usable version of Monterey?

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