Running Parallels 8 on OSX Mavericks: possible?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by JacopoC, Oct 15, 2013.

  1. JacopoC

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    Is the last release of Parallels 8 for Mac already compatible with Mavericks OSX? And will it be when the upgrade will be out?
    Of course I mean using OSX as the host OS.
    I use virtualized 64 Windows 7 as the work environment...

    Thx a lot
  2. jlin2820

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    Yes it is compatible. I also had OSX operating system as the host with 64 windows 7 as guest operating system. Windows virtual machine is working just as it did under Mountain Lion.

    I should note that in my Parallels settings on the security tab, "Isolate Mac from Windows" is checked and that is how I have the setting kept. (Sharing files just got too messy for my taste. If I need to share one, I use DropBox).

    Before I installed Mavericks, I shutdown Windows and quit Parallels. From there I downloaded and installed Mavericks. When that was complete, I opened Parallels and Windows and everything worked as before.

    Hope it works as well for you.
  3. JKingsnorth

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    Has anyone running OS X 10.9 tried their Parallels 8 on it yet?

    I'm afraid to update since I have 3 servers that depend on VM's and last time I updated I had to buy an update for Parallels.
  4. daenni

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    I updated to Mavericks. First Parallels 8 crashed instantly. The update to the latest version leads parallels to boot, but it crashed at windows login. Now it works, according to I turned the "better performance" mode on.
  5. MltN2Wndr

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    The fix allows me to get working, which is good...I upgraded without knowing it would fix me in Parallels 8, which I guess is good (or bad from a $$ perspective). Scrolling in 9 seems nice and smooth...But what about Battery Life? I assume at some point there will be a fix that allows me to conserve power once again, since that is one of the stated reasons to upgrade to 9...

    I do have MacBook Pro, 15" Mid 2010 model 2.66Ghz Intel Core i7 8GB RAM Nvidia GeForce GT 330, 512MB
  6. ImSeeker

    ImSeeker Member

    Exactly the same model I have. Glad I looked here first before I tried to upgrade to Mavericks.

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