Saving Documents from Shared Folders?

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by SirBryanK, Jun 19, 2006.

  1. SirBryanK


    Running Windows XP under Parallels, whenever open a document that is in a shared folder and then try to save that document, i get an "error disk is full" message. Cuirously, if I "save as" or create a new file in those shared folders, everything works. Is there something I'm missing, like a permissions setting under OSX or something? I'd really like to be able to seemlessly share files between OSX and the virtual machines.
  2. SirBryanK


    Anyone else have this problem?
  3. merwin


    Make sure you're using the latest version of parallels as well as the latest version of parallels tools. If you are, then try uninstalling parallels tools, rebooting, and installing parallels tools again.
  4. D. Alan Stewart

    D. Alan Stewart

    same here

    I have the same problem. I can save to a new file, but not to the file that I opened. Anyone know if this has been addressed in the new beta? I'm not eager to try a beta myself because I'm highly dependent upon Parallels now, spending most of my work day running Windows from OS X.
  5. BenInBlack


    I just tried this, i created a document under notepad saved it, brought it up in wordpad copied a bunch of text in saved it no problem

    I then opened a 500k tiff file in paint shop pro and saved it.

    This got me curious because i used the shared for just passing back and forth not as a hold place

    so this seems fine under beta, plus it is much faster
  6. ken.fresno

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    Saving Documents in Shared Folders

    But was this in a shared folder, on the Mac side? Or in a Parallels folder on the Win side? If so, perhaps it is just some kinds of files?? I have the same problem described by others. I've downloaded the latest Beta, I think (build 1862). The beta has a 'network drive' that works wonderful, but the same save problem is there. I save all my documents on the Mac side of the computer, because I a) sometimes access pdf and .jpg files there and b) when I backup all my stuff it is all in one place. But I have to constantly 'save as' in Word Perfect or other programs as it gives me a 'cannot open file' error message - when I try to save the file on the Mac side. I emailed Parallels support but have not heard back....

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