Scared to leave Beta 6

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by MarkHolbrook, May 9, 2006.

  1. MarkHolbrook

    MarkHolbrook Pro

    Since I've started to really use Parallels Beta 6 (got over my fear of Kernel Panics) it has been simply amazing and mine is so rock solid for what I'm doing that I'm frankly scared to upgrade when either Beta 7 or whatever comes out next.

    I mean on both the MacMini and my MBP Parallels Beta 6 has run for literally days making it through sleeps, wake ups etc.

    Perhaps my success is in what I do:

    Running XP SP2
    I have no virus or other strange "service" type files loaded
    Primary applications: Starteam, Borland Delphi7, ExpressPCB and a little Windows Media player
    I have let windows install all of it's security updates
    I NEVER run in full screen.. I have always kept Parallels VM in a window or minimized
    I have relied on network rather than USB keys

    Not sure if this helps anyone but in almost a week of solid day in/day out work in Parallels including extending the image using the wonderful instructions on diskpart I've not had a single problem.

    I'm lovin this...

    But now that I've posted this I'll bet I get a nice Kernel Panic for my effort... Let's hope not.

  2. dkwong

    dkwong Junior Member

    I feel the same way, except that I'm still using Beta 4! LOL. I really don't need the USB support or the full screen support, so I've had no need to upgrade and Beta 4 has been rock solid for me.
  3. daveef

    daveef Member

    Well my MacBook Pro runs it very well with no crashes also, but since my usb cam and the usb GPS are not recognised on parallels it is not much use for me. Wish it worked , but for now have to keep doing BootCamp. Really hate having to reboot to get back and forth, but realize the you must be having real headache figuring out how to get Mac OS to give up the usb control. So until a beta that handles USB is out i wont be thinking of using parallels. Really wish it did , like having both OS's available at same time:):)

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