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    I think the concept of this software is genius and if it were working properly, I would gladly dish out the money to support it. Just for reference, im running an iPad Pro with iOS 10.1 and an iMac with Sierra.

    A few things I've found are keep in me from being productive while using it.

    1. Some desktop apps do not appear on my launch screen although I know they are installed. Easy fix for me, but nonetheless an extra step, I just do a search for the app name and I can launch it.

    2. I am using Parallels Access mostly to work in Photoshop and Illustrator remotely while on my iPad Pro. As soon as I open a document in Photoshop, the screen starts to glitch. The document window I've just opened starts to jump up and down on my screen about 5 pixels repeatedly. Not the software window, the opened document window.

    3. When I click in a text layer to edit, the keyboard doesn't respond properly and I get weird characters in my text layer... some even appear when I'm not even typing but the text layer has the cursor in it.

    4. The software lags a good bit. When moving my document around on my screen, because of the lag, it's hard to nvigate to the focus area of my document. It takes me about 30 seconds to get it where it needs to be so I can edit that section.

    If anyone has any suggestions on how to get this to work properly or maybe the iOS/OS combination I'm using isn't supported yet, please let me know. I'm trying to prepare myself to work remotely while I'm on a trip at the end of next month and I need to feel confident that all the apps I need are installed and working correctly for maximum efficiency.

    Thanks for listening,

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    Hello there. Several builds of the software have been released since your query. Please install the latest patch of Parallels Access and see if that helps with any of the scenarios you have mentioned.

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