Security Breach while Accessing Computers via Web on Mojave

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    Hello, when I use the web interface to access my laptop from my desktop, and I press a key on the laptop, it does not lock, but instead allows me to operate the mouse and keyboard, basically lets me operate the computer. The "lock when working remotely" is enabled. Vice versa, while accessing my desktop computer from my laptop, via the web interface, I am able to gain access to my desktop ("lock when working remotely" also enabled). This DOES NOT happen when I access both my laptop and destop via the iOS app. When accessing via iOS app and pressing keys or mouse clicking on the computer, it properly locks the computers and disconnects the session. This DOES NOT happen when accessing via web. This is a serious security issue, if I am accessing my computers remotely, I don't want to inadvertently give someone access to my machines! Please fix ASAP! Thank you! :)
    P.S. While repeatedly replicating this issue, closing the web tab on 1 occasion, properly locked my laptop. However, this happened only once, within a short period of initiating the session. I don't have time to keep replicating the problem with different time frames, but I can tell you, I am able to access my laptop and desktop from the web when they are supposed to get locked. Thank you!
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