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    I have some employees interested in using this app for business. I tried it today - and I was very impressed, except for one thing. I did some analysis of the traffic between the agent and the iOS app --

    All of our desktop/access/network traffic appears to be going through your servers, presumably to get around any NAT/firewall issues. These servers are based in the US.

    Given the recent issues around compromise of these sorts of services by government entities, we believe there would be a large risk in allowing full access to our desktops and employee desktop use to be monitored by anyone interested in gaining access to our intellectual property. This is simply a reality when dealing with services based out of the US these days. Is there any proof that traffic is encrypted end-to-end between iDevices and desktops? Furthermore, is there any evidence to prove that a desktop cannot be remotely accessed secretively, given there would be no requirement for disclosure if that was ordered? I see none of these privacy/security measures included.

    It would be great if a privately hosted bounce server were possible - we would be willing to pay a premium for this increased security.

    Please let us know your thoughts on this issue.

    Thank you,

  2. Andrew@Parallels

    Andrew@Parallels Parallels Team

    Hi Gek,
    We don't offer on premise service installation at the moment, but I shared your feedback with the product management.
    Connection is secure, please see the details at
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    Thanks I always thought on premise service installation is offered.

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