shady, shady shady business practices, shame on you parallels, local customer here..

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    huge loyal fan of the core product for Mac, i recommend it to all my Mac clients, I am a Network Engineer, been using the product since 2011.

    However,this Parallels Access is SHOVELWARE, when i upgraded to V 10 it installed without me wanting it.
    And it's been charging my credit card for months and putting my mac in the cloud increasing my security risks, i don't want my desktop and it's data in the cloud, thanks.

    I was just lazy and business with work and figured i would deal with it later, well, it's later.
    it took me 15-20 minutes to get my account cancelled once i figured out was going on and removing it from startup.

    Paralells access is not gone when you remove it from your startup items however.
    its running down pretty deep under the hood of OSX beyond just the startup items, so "Truly" removing it could cause havoc on my smooth future operation of parallels, not cool at all.

    [The Fix?] Paralells are you listening?? during an update or install you need to give us the OPTION to UNINSTALL Parallels Access or give people the option to decline the product DURING THE INSTALLATION.

    Parallels Staff: Please knock this stuff off or i will just stop evangelizing for you & swap products that give me the most security conscious options.

    I admit I said "yes let me have a free trial" i checked out, nice product but not useful to me, which is fine.

    I then got lazy and forgot about it...figured it would time out eventually subscription wise, I wrong.

    again, great product, great value but, give us more options please.

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