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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by BeetleBug, May 27, 2006.

  1. BeetleBug


    I am a new user to Mac and I have used a PC for years but I have never really played with Shared drives. The only reason why I am using Parallels is the fact that I can easily go back between the two systems.

    I am ready to start loading documents on my new copy of XP but I cannot get my shared folder to work. I have loaded the newest version of desktop and tools and I can see my share folder but it will not let me access it. It says I should contact my administrator.

    The other qustion I have is where do I view this shared folder on the mac sid?

    I would appreciate any help I can get here. My wife is already upset the Mac can't run a couple programs that where specifically designed for XP.

    I almost got this but need to know how to get the shared folders to work. Thanks in advance for your help
  2. itsanaddams


    I made this kinda detailed in case you're a little lost; no disrespect intended:

    Couple of things... 1) in os x, create the folder you want to use for sharing and place it in the sidebar. ( For example, I always create a folder called "shared" on my root, so I don't have to look far to find it.)

    2) start PD and look at File >> Edit Config. On the left pane, select the shared folders and on the right, check to make sure that shared folders are enabled and are set to R/W access. If necessay, click the ellipsis below the window (...) and browse to find the folder you just created.

    3)Start the VM and after logon into Windows, turn on the desktop icons and you will see the parallels sharing object.

    4) Open the resource object from the desktop and when you get to //.pfs/xxxx folder, right click on the folder and map your favorite network drive letter to it.

    5) Open up your root explorer and you will see the new drive ready for use.

    A couple of caveats... if you use hibernate all the time, like I do, then you'll need to reconnect the drive when you wake it up. I'm not sure if it will stick if you shutdown the VM every itme becuase I rarely do.

    Also, remember, it's a beta, so back up your vm often, in case something happens and maintain copies of all of the software you put into the shared folder, just in case.

    Hope this helps.
  3. BeetleBug


    Thank you, I can now see the files for all documents in OSX. I am trying to copy pictures from my USB Drive to the shared Picture Folder. It has crashed on my twice. I will keep trying.
  4. mmak


    You could use smb file sharing to access OS X files even on a USB drive from Windows. You may want to try this until the shared folder fucntion is completely stable.

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