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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by STim, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. c789a123


    maybe parallels can skip the share folder feature for now

    Since basicly the samba function comes with OSX can share files with the VM correctly already, although not so convenient as the Paralles shared folder feature, but still it is working. And it will be a quite hard task to reimplement the function of samba, I think maybe the paralles can remove this feature for now and concentrate on more must have features like sound. In the mean time, I am wondering if it is possible to further improve host only network (X11, file sharing ..) performance (which is very good already) if the simulated network card is Gigabit instead of Megabit?
  2. Jay Levitt

    Jay Levitt

    I think I agree with c789a123 (can I call you c?)... if this feature weren't here, and Parallels simply documented how to set up the "local network" sharing, I'd have been good to go. Despite what someone posted here about speed, I find that it's pretty zippy on my MacBook Pro 15" 2.16.

  3. c789a123


    c or c7 all ok for me ... The speed is in fact very impressive. I have mounted a smb volume in VM, and run mencoder to convert a 1G vp6 video to divx, the programs run at about 20 fps on my 1.66 core duo and finished without any problem. Anyway, the faster the better.
  4. rbushway


    also having shared folder issues

    I just upgraded to RC and I'm continuing to have Shared Folder issues. When i try to access the the shared folder, I can see the individual folders, but when I try to copy some or navigate down to other folders, Windows reports a file permission error or simply closes the window.

    I've also tried working on a file through XP and saving it direcly to the shared folder and it wouldn't persist even though everything "appeared" to be saving via Word. Lost all my changes.
  5. dschneiter


    Shared Folders still broken in RC1

    Hi there,

    I'm having the same issues as described by others in previous posts (no access permissions, etc) with release candidate 1. Too bad I had to ftp all the stuff back into my Windows environment after having "outsourced" it to the Mac filesystem.

    Is there any drag-and-drop behaviour planned (like vpc7 used to have)?
  6. davert

    davert Bit Poster

    FOr what it's worth, I found out that the problem of not being able to use the host Mac's SMB networking has been eliminated. The shared folder feature never really worked for me but turning SMB sharing on my Mac and connecting to that from the PC is instant, flawless, and WONDEFUL in conjunction with SharePoints.

    For security, I just blocked all SMB ports from my network firewall (the DSL router) - so only within the network can people access my Mac's SMB sharing. Which in this case means only Parallels can do it .

    That's host networking needed...standard Parallels settings.
  7. pcolag8r

    pcolag8r Bit Poster

    I'm using a Win2k guest. It looks like shared folders are not really useable for now. I have a question about the other method...using smb sharing (setup via sharepoints). This does work, and I've used sharepoints for a while to setup sharing on my macs. However, this only works if you are connected to your network correct? What about offline file sharing between the host and guest. I suppose this is what shared folders is for, but it's not working yet. Is there a way to use the networking method work while not connected to a network...just have a network between the guest and host? Anyway, I hope you see my point. I need to share a directory between host and guest without being connected to a network outside my computer. Possible?

    My setup:
    MacBook OSX host, (2g ram)
    Win2K guest on RC Parallels
  8. engrProf


    I set it up to share my Documents folder. I can see it in Parallels Shared Folders. It opens up just fine when I double click, and then when I double click on the next folder down (although it's slow). When I go to the next level, it crashes Windows Explorer. I've tried several times. Once it told me Windows Explorer had encountered a problem and needed to close. Twice the XP window containing the shared folders just disappeared. Now it seems to have hung totally. I can move my mouse around, and when I get on top of the shared folder window it turns into an hourglass. When I try clicking on anything, nothing happens.

  9. engrProf


    I had SMB sharing running on B5 and B6, but it doesn't seem to work in RC. I did reinstall Parallels tools. I have a network connection and I can browse the web. My host mac and guest XP have the same workgroup name. In My Network Places where it used to show my Mac as a local area network place, it doesn't show up. My Mac doesn't see my PC either.

  10. bketelsen

    bketelsen Bit Poster

    shared documents folder

    It seems like an smart person could setup the Samba configuration file on the Mac to serve as a domain controller and share out your Mac home folder as the network home inside the windows VM. Then simply join the vm to your samba domain and use folder redirection to keep your documents directly on the mac's hard drive. I did the converse of this -- I had my mac joined to an AD domain and when a network home was specified in the AD configuration the mac kept my entire home directory on the network file share. So this scenario shouldn't be impossible.

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