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    How do I control which computers are "corporate" computers and which ones are "personal" computers?

    I have added a work computer and I can see that as a "corporate" computer, but my colleague can not see that computer in his list of "corporate" computers.

    I tried making him and administrator and now he can see it in Parallels Access Business > Corporate Computers, but he can't connect to it from there. He can only select it to delete it from our account.

    He can NOT see it in Parallels Access > My Computers / My Corporate Remote Computers.

    What is the correct process to make a computer accessible to all Business account members.

    The Dashboard menus are incredibly confusing. :-(
  2. JeremyR3

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    I am having the same issue. Did you ever get resolution?
  3. KebhaK@Parallels

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    Hi @DavidM40, We have sent you a personal mail please respond to that message.
  4. JeremyR3

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    Update on this, I had raised a support case and it was escalated to next level support. I was informed that the Business Accounts still limits access to the configured account on the agents. So you can have multiple users however they can only access the computers in which their own accounts have logged into the agent configuration. Expectation on my part was that i'd be able to create a group, put users in a group, assign computers to a group and allow access to all those group users. Doesn't seem to be a mature product and definitely not ready for enterprise.

    Other issue i seen was that business users following the email invitation ended up at a license / registration screen which caused them additional confusion since they were part of the business account.

    I wouldn't think these features i have mentioned would be very difficult to implement, hope they take this up as a feature suggestion, if not i would suggest they rename the business license or provide a better description of how it works.
  5. Ajith1

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    Hi JeremyR3,
    We understand that you want to access the same remote computer using a group of users. You can try Remote Application Server and check if it fulfills your requirements.

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