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Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by YvesD, May 28, 2009.

  1. YvesD

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    I'm currently running Windows XP under Parallels (Demo).
    First of all: the sound isn't working in Windows XP. I've no idea what I can do about it. I just want that things work properly when I install them. I don't like doing all sorts off technical stuff to make them work...

    And oore important: Parallels is terribly slowing down my computer (2.16 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo mac, 2 GB RAM, OSX 10.5.7). It is completely impossible to run a program like Photoshop under OSX and run, for example, internet explorer under Windows XP. All things go terribly sloooooooow when I start up my virtual machine.

    And worst of all: when I shut down Windows XP and close Parallels, my computer still runs very slow. It seems that parallels messes up my computer (he does some weird things with the RAM-memory or the processor). Each time I used Parallels I have to restart my computer to have back a normal working fast configuration.

    What's wrong?

  2. galochka



    1) Can you please check if Parallels tools installed correctly (Virtual Machine -> install Parallels Tools)
    Devices -> Sound -> Activate (enabled)

    2) How much Ram did you set up for your Virtual Machine?

    3) You may check what eats RAM and CPU of your Mac (Utilities -> Active Monitor)
  3. trimegistro


    Last time I used the Parallels Compressor on Vista, my Mac stalls , is sluggish, and freezes... does any Tech know what I can do to bring it back to its original speed. I even bought 2 more gigs of memory and did not make a difference...
  4. prl_disp_service the culprit?

    I have also experienced extreme slowdown on my original Intel iMac (2GB of RAM, 10.5.7) after upgrading to PD 4.0. The computer randomly freezes and shows the spinning beachball, even if I'm only surfing the Web.

    Killing prl_disp_service in Activity Monitor seems to make the freezes go away. But then I can't use Parallels anymore. Is there a way to tell Parallels to launch all its services only on application startup and not at boot? I checked the logs, and on every boot, Parallels spends about 20 seconds launching all these weird things.

    As much as I like Parallels, I can't use a product that makes my computer effectively unusable!
  5. YvesD

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    The sound is enabled.

    I have two virtual machines:

    1) Windows 7 beta: it gets 1 GB RAM. It works (sound included), but very, very slow. So I can't use it.

    2) Windows XP: it gets 512 GB RAM: no sound here and my computer goes into slowdown motion. It only gets beter when I restart my Mac.

    Normaly my computer runs smoothly, even with several heavy programs opened. The problems started when I began using parallels.

    So the same conclusion here: I do like parallels, but I can't use it because it makes my computer unusable.

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