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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by TenTenths, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. TenTenths


    When I first was running your beta versions they were very fast on this macbook. The speed withing windows is still fast but since I installed this version, it has slowed down the entire computer like the old days of Virtual PC??? Any way to reduce it's affect on the entire cpu.

    I moved the ram up to reccomended 604 form 400 but no change.

    Macbook Pro 1.83ghz
    1 gig ram

    parallels build 1848

    It's actually so bad now that when parralels is running it makes any work on the mac painfully slow.

    Enable Intel VT-x support" option with high acceleration level is on.

    Any help appreciated. I would rather go back to a beta build.

  2. VTMac


    I would suggest you lower your memory allocation and see if that helps. With only 1 gig and more than half of it allocated to parallels as in your current configuration, it is likely OSX is running largely from virtual memory. That will be painfully slow. Also, have you checked to make sure there are no other processes that are consuming CPU cycles and/or memory?
  3. IMNiles


    You may find that it's worth it to invest in more RAM. I'm running parallels on a 2ghz MBP with 2g of RAM, with 768k allocated to my VM and 1g allocated to parallels, and both my mac and windows environments are quite speedy. Aside from the expected poky graphics, my windows install really feels like it's outpacing my "real" 1.8ghz pc laptop. Even when I'm running multiple instances of Visual Studio in Windows and XCode on the mac, I really don't notice a problem, but I'm sure if I ever ran enough stuff that I started paging out things would get much slower. I've also been really vigilant about purging all non-universal tasks, so Rosetta is almost never running. I'm betting the combination of parallels and a couple rosetta tasks would be enough to bring a 1gb machine just about to it's knees.
  4. rinconj


    In addition to getting enough memory for your Mac so both OS X and parallels VMs don't have to swap all the time, pease also check
    /var/log/* and /var/log/samba/*,

    If any of the logs is excessively big, something else is wrong.
    if it's one or both of the samba's logs, stop windows sharing. If it's some other log like windowserver_last.log, windowserver.log, or others, try to fix system partition's permissions and verify/fix your hard disk with disk utility, then restart the system,
  5. Scott Willsey

    Scott Willsey

    With 1 gig of RAM and 600 megs dedicated to the guest OS, you are starving OS X for memory. OS X is not going to run in ~400 megs happily.

    More memory, more memory. I have 2 gigs on a core duo mini and it runs fine. Yours with 2 gigs should be even better since you don't have integrated graphics eating part of your main memory.
  6. BrentB


    As others have said, you're starving the host (OSX) for ram. For now, unless you're running a ram-hog in Windows, I'd drop the VM allocation back to 256MB, leaving the bulk of your ram free for OSX. That should give OSX enough ram to run tolerably.

    I'd also suggest upgrading to 2GB if you're planning on running ram-hungry apps on both sides of the fence. That way you can allocate more ram to the VM, without starving the host.
  7. TenTenths



    I tried all the above suggestions, except the log stuff???...where do I find those?...I'm not a troubleshooter...just a humble user.

    It just took 10 seconds to open a folder on the mac desktop while parallels in running.

    What I don't understand is this was not the case with the beta software at all. It was very fast.

    Something has changed either on the final build or how my MBP is reacting to the final build or something?. Since others are not complaining I'm hoping it is something I can get better with maybe that "logs stuff"???

    OI have not changed anythign on the MBP since the first beta version which was so fast i would leave parallels running all the time.

    Somehow I think even 2 gigs of ram this thing will run slow because it's somethign else???


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