SmartGuard Snapshots: Schedule to after hours

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac Feature Suggestions' started by Ronald Bokleman, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. Ronald Bokleman

    Ronald Bokleman Bit Poster

    Please provide the means for SmartGuard snapshots to occur when I'm NOT running a VM on a schedule I choose. I am constantly interrupted by Parallels 11, 12, 13 to take a SmartGuard snapshot when I'm in the middle of doing something critical on Windows 10.

    Instead allow me to pick a time like 9:00pm or 3:00am for these to occur and then let me use my Windows 10 VMs without interruption.
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  2. JudeC

    JudeC Bit Poster

    Users have been asking for this feature since v4!!!! It's ludicrous that this feature has not made its way into a build yet.
  3. MarceloS2

    MarceloS2 Bit Poster

    Yes! Please, make a schedule for SmartGuard backup!
  4. KorkyPlunger

    KorkyPlunger Kilo Poster

  5. PeterB11

    PeterB11 Bit Poster

    Absolutely need the ability to schedule this. Deletes are often taking in excess of an hour. I need to do this after hours.
  6. AshtonM1

    AshtonM1 Bit Poster

    Writing this response waiting for my work VM to finish the snapshot. Please for the love of God put this feature out. This is absolutely ridiculous a scheduling aspect hasn't been built into v14. I wish someone from support would respond with either what is delaying this feature or where it is in the product roadmap. It needs to be on there.
  7. AureoC

    AureoC Bit Poster

    Can you allow to schedule creation of snapshot at certain times during the day? It takes a very long time to create this and it always chooses to do it in the middle fo my day so I get "deleting snapshot..." for a very long time and I can't work.
  8. WalterS2

    WalterS2 Bit Poster


    Ridicolous :-( Like others ignored by Paralles. If there only would be a better alternative ...
  9. CharlesH17


    Ditto on this. Crazy that they don't have the ability to schedule this after hours. I use the native Mac apps for anything I can, but certain things have to be in Windows - which is why I bought parallels in the first place! The snapshot process takes 15-30 minutes even though I am running it on all-flash storage and it seems to always pick the worst time to do it. If the popup notification is hidden by another app, all I know about it happening is all of my W10 windows go gray suddenly. Sometimes this has occurred while I am on the phone assisting a user. Any other backup or snapshot built into a product allows them to be scheduled. :(

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